These days, it’s often hard to tell exactly who’s responsible for what problem and this is coupled with an uncertainty about the role we play as citizens in making important stuff happen. The fact is, it doesn’t just ‘happen’ and if we, the citizens, are going to sit around waiting for some magical organization to … Read more

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PTPI as we experience it, is a loose network of people, connected through a chapter framework and a global program of recommended action areas to cover. Local relevance is an important factor, especially as available resources, both human and financial, play a major role determining success of any activity. For some chapters, a high level … Read more

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The underlying culture of the maker community, means that they are always looking to do better. Despite how good things are today, what is coming up that could make it even better. What are the opportunities and tools out there, allowing our members and our community more chance of engagement and support? As an NGO … Read more

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Make Manifesto

25 Jun, 2017

Being a member of PTPI is a major way that I demonstrate my belief in the value of friendship, and a recognition for what can be done when the forces of people come together for good. It is more important now, to ensure that we express ourselves through our actions, so that our words bring … Read more

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I spend vast amounts of my time, investigating ways, means and avenues available to obtain funding for youth centered projects. By far the greatest challenge is competing with the many other noble causes that are out there. No one organization has the ability to prioritize what they are doing, above that of another organization. And, … Read more

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By: Angel Dimitrievski – Skopje, Macedonia, Community Chapter Following an EEC Youth meeting in Brussels with Chalks Corriette, I spent some time exploring the melting pot of cultures, that make up Brussels. It’s Sunday evening. I am reading a book in a pub in the heart of Brussels and the waiter turns off the radio. … Read more

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Dear PTPI Membership: From: Angel Dimitrievski, Skopje Macedonia, Youth Coordinator Europe Let me tell you some beautiful news that you will want to hear. As many of you probably saw on social media, last week (March 7 – 12) we organised the PTPI Europe Youth Leadership Academy, in Skopje Macedonia. This was for sure one … Read more

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The voluntary role of the PTPI European regional chair, looks quite different these days.  Now that there is no longer an operational office in Berlin, Germany, the European executive committee (EEC) team, take their guidance from the regional chair. This individual is also known as the president of the EEC.  To a certain extent there … Read more

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