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The 11 Chapters will be awarded a Chapter Grant by WHQ

This year, PTPI is proud to announce that 11 Chapters will be awarded a Chapter Grant! The main goal of these Chapter Grants is to aid in funding community projects that chapter members...Read more »

PTPI, Imo State Nigeria Chapter

The impact of poor sanitation, poor water quality and supply, and inappropriate hygienic behavior is known to be disastrous for infants and young children, and is a significant cause of...Read more »

Asia Pacific Regional Conference 20 – 22 July 2017

We invite you to join us for the 2017 Asia Pacific Regional Conference The meeting will be held in Incheon (SongDo), South Korea Agenda July 20 – 22, 2017 Incheon (SongDo) City Se...Read more »

Report – Daniel Rüegsegger: Interlaken, Switzerland

Dear members and friends of the Interlaken Chapter.This year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is behind us and we now look forward. The minutes are written and we now look forward t...Read more »

PTPI Skopje, Macedonia Community Chapter

Macedonia is a landlocked Balkan nation of mountains, lakes and ancient towns with Ottoman and European architecture. The capital, Skopje, is known for its sprawling Old Bazaar quarter ...Read more »

European case for support 2017 to 2018 – a framework for Action

People to People International-Europe asbl European case for support 2017 to 2018 – a framework for Action PTPI Europe has identified several concrete development opportunities ...Read more »

2017 European Conference – September 7 to 10

Conferences We are pleased that making connections with people from around the world is important to our members, and their friends. PTPI Regions offer a range of conferences that are i...Read more »

Chilling out in Greece

Travel like a Greek – Aegina island stay, Acropolis visit PTPI Europe and the folks from the Travel Capsule Project, invite you on a four-day adventure in Greece. Wednesday 14, to Sun...Read more »

Individual or Corporate Membership

Many of our European countries have a strong team and vibrant membership community. There are also people in countries where we do not have a chapter, and they are members of our Europe...Read more »

Chapter dues for 2017

The European chapters should pay their 2017 dues into our European Central Bank account. You will find our banking information here. Our master European account has smaller subaccounts ...Read more »

Chapter report – Katowice, Poland

PTPI Katowice Student Chapter – Eco Fair for Dominik: There was planning and delivery of Eco Fair and collecting money for eight-year old boy Dominik, from our local community who...Read more »

Calling all travel writers

Do you have a passion, and/or a little time to investigate and write some articles about travel? Our members enjoy learning about other parts of the world. We would like to provide mor...Read more »

PTPI University students to the rescue

We are in the process of developing our capabilities around technology, design, marketing and communications. Many of our university students are studying these subjects. We would appr...Read more »

Connecting with our many communities

PTPI connects people of many countries and cultures, and facilitates the building of long-term meaningful relationships across borders. We foster cultural relationships and encourage th...Read more »

Supporting the Refugee community in Europe

When we look across the activity that is taking place at chapter level, it is interesting to see how many are involved with refugees. The wider issues of human rights and the subset of ...Read more »

Modernize the European trustees page

We would like to modernize the European trustees page on our website, and for this we need your help. May we ask you to look at the photographs and content? Please do send us a high-re...Read more »

Chapter travel update – Anna Marie Bohsen, Denmark

January 2017, once again a group of members from the Danish chapter have made a trip to New Zealand. Nine members are visiting PTPI friends on the south the north island for 25 days. Mo...Read more »

Five minutes with Ermioni Lena, Albania

Ermioni Lena, one of the students from the Student chapter-Gjirokastra, Albania, submitted a thoughtful and inspiring essay describing her experience as a member of PTPI and what it mea...Read more »

Report – Central Japan Chapter

“We held a workshop entitled, ‘Let’s Introduce Great Things about Our City Gifu in English’ to children ages 10-15 years old. The goal of the workshop was for th...Read more »

Report – Hannelore Buchler, Berlin, Germany

Monthly regulars table in Berlin: For members and guests every month our popular Stammtisch is great. Registration is not required. Just come by and get to know us. We love to make fri...Read more »

Report – Maria Taga, Roman, Romania

PTPI Roman Chapter had a few important projects in 2016: 1. “Christmas project” was a project over five consecutive days. Members from our Roman Chapter spent time with chil...Read more »

Report – Charlotte Scheller, Interlaken, Switzerland

“On your way to Yerevan spend a weekend in Interlaken, Switzerland and take part in the Unspunnen Festival, an extraordinary folklore event which occurs only once every 7 years – 26...Read more »

Report – New York, USA

This week, Frederick Law Olmsted High School in Buffalo, NY held a Study Abroad International Fair. Barbara Capozzi, Chairwoman of PTPI, met with high school juniors and seniors to shar...Read more »

Report – Varna, Bulgaria

Ivana Nikolaeva – “The Dolphins” Varna, Bulgaria: This student community are active all-year round. We have selected a few items to share with you and trust that is OK. Se...Read more »

Report – Provadia, Bulgaria

Updatesfrom PTPI Provadia, Bulgaria Chapter: Melineh Khanagyan and Daniela Dimitrova: Adult advisers. October- December: The students made many postcards, souvenirs, braceletes, then ...Read more »

Report – Vilkaviskis, Lithuania

Daiva Snipaitiene: PTPI student chapter,Vilkaviskis,Lithuania In the year 2016: * April: We ran a campaign collecting money for food in an animal shelter * December: A pie-day; baking c...Read more »

Report – Skopje-Macedonia

In 2016…. Angel Dimitrievski, Skopje-Macedonia Community Chapter * February- April: Educational program for high school students “Ambassadors of Peace“ took place with an emph...Read more »

Swiss events in 2017 for you to enjoy

So far fixed events of PTPI in Switzerland are as follows: – 13 January 2017, Full-moon Sledging with Fondue/Raclette Diner, Chapter Interlaken – 03 February 2017, Fondue Ba...Read more »

If we can get people talking to each other

“If we can get people talking to each other, I am certain that most of the world’s troubles would be over” Dwight D. Eisenhower Founder, People to People International 34th Presid...Read more »

Berlin office will close permanently 31 December 2016

Dear PTPI Network, this is to let you know that the Berlin Office will be closed for the holdiays as of December 22nd, and permanently on December 31, 2016. Please join us in thanking ...Read more »