Chapters are the foundation of our truly global network


Chapters are the foundation of our truly global network. Chapters present a framework from which PTPI does grow its reputation as an organization with members around the world, who are actively engaged in creating a more sustainably peaceful world.

Anyone who has worked and lived outside their home country understands how appealing it would be to arrive in a new location and be able to join the local chapter of an organization they had been involved with previously. In doing so a person immediately connects with the local population and culture. This is one more opportunity that PTPI has to offer to hundred’s of “internationals” working outside their home country.

This is a vivid illustration to non-members of the advantages of belonging to PTPI, and the opportunities such a global network offers.

Funding PTPI youth projects, education and travel

Young people are the future policy makers, leaders, workers and keepers of our planet.  The more we include them in everything that we do today, the better the chances of having a world better than the one we have right now.  Or, at least no worse. Despite the many opportunities out there, such as Erasmus, there are some youth that are not able to benefit, possibly due to personal circumstances.

Each time the PTPI network comes together, we ask our community about their thoughts, ideas and dreams. There is always a danger that once you have the feedback, you may not be able to meet the voiced demands.  Much of the feedback received from the September, Romanian conference, points to a desire for PTPI to do more to support our young people.  This is not the first, or last time we have/will receive this feedback. It is our wish to do far more than we have to date, to support our youth.

PTPI is not a foundation with endless funds to devote to supporting youth. Oh, that we would be so lucky to be in a position to meet all the demands made.  The regional conferences have to cover the full costs of hosting such events. And this makes keeping the price as low as our members would prefer, just a little challenging.  We do search for additional donations from our membership and partners, so that we may offer some assistance to our younger members.  By far, the best way to gain international travel experience, at a low cost, is through the much loved HomeStay program. We are committed to doing more for our youth. Should you feel moved to comment further about this matter, please do email me.

Chalks Corriette

President EEC and Regional Chair; Europe

Something magical happens

Something magical happens when you bring people from the PTPI network together. New friendships are built and older friendships strengthened, cultures melt together forming an enchanted melting pot of fun, the world’s problems get challenged and possible solutions discussed.  No matter what, the freedom that people have to give to each other with minimal intervention, is magical.  Join us.  To find our more, look here>


Why PTPI is the perfect organisation for a young person?

By: Angel Dimitrievski – Skopje, Macedonia and EEC Member

It has been exactly five year since I joined PTPI. It all started with attending a recruitment presentation in a local NGO in my hometown. A group of young people just returned from the European Youth Forum in Berlin, and were giving us an insight about their unforgettable experience.

I decided to join as a member in the Skopje Student Chapter. At first for me it was a great challenge to get involved in the many activities we hosted at the chapter. I was really introverted and my comfort zone was probably somewhere at home, spending time not among so many other unknown people. As time passed, I explored the beautiful minds the people in PTPI had, and my comfort zone moved from my home to being with my fellow PTPI friends. A year passed by and I got the chance to attend the next European Youth Forum in Berlin. Then I was the one who was recruiting new members with my story from this experience. The energy in PTPI connected us, made us friends and provoked us to do something for the community. We could not stay passive to the injustices we saw on daily basis.

Another important moment in this organisation is that if you want to get involved, you have an open space for progress. In my student chapter in Skopje in only one and a half year I progressed from being a member, to PR for the chapter and then the chapter president. Probably one of the most important turn of events in life for me, was that PTPI changed what I wanted to study and work at in my future. At the time while I was in high school studying medicine. Even though my parents were very enthusiastic for me to study medicine at university, I secretly applied for a scholarship with the PR and Communication department, and won the competition with an essay about my volunteering life in PTPI.

In 2013, I attended my first European Conference, a wonderful event where I got the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Since then, every other conference has been a real party. We dance until we forget all of our problems, we talk about our common complications we have in our countries, we are united by our similarities and we respect our differences.

After my high school graduation in Skopje, I could only continue being a PTPI member as an Alumni student. I wanted more! So, I opened a Community Chapter in Skopje. I gathered the 10 most enthusiastic people I was working with and we made it happen! It makes me shiver when I think of the great moments I had with this chapter. Of course, at first it was not easy. Starting university, exams, having a certain medical condition in the period, did not stop me to DREAM BIG. Because, that’s what we do at PTPI. During the next three years, being the president of my chapter, I saw people reliving the same path of life I had while I was a high school student. They found themselves, they fell in love with their PTPI friends, we shared happiness, we shared sadness; together. We became one big family.

Last year, I was elected to be the Regional Youth Coordinator of PTPI Europe. Another point that shows that PTPI is an organisation that wants to hear the voice of young people. For this I need your help. I need our energy bubbling to show the world that we are proud to be young, and most importantly proud to be young PTPI members. The world is becoming a place of distrust, conflicts, confrontations and insecurity, but in that same world we are the hope, the burning fire that can make a change. So, please, let us DREAM BIG and make this world a place where happy people live.

Chapter report from 2015 Brussels, Belgium

Living in a country where most things are catered for, finding that key thing that demonstrates our commitment to our community, has taken some time. Our most successful role to date, has been to act as enablers for many other projects, communities and initiatives. By hosting regular coffee mornings, job clubs, networking drinks, parties, workshops and volunteering days – together with our partner network, we have managed to connect a large community of locals and internationals living, working and playing in Belgium.

Yes, it does take quite some coordination and once you have the program in place, and the leaders for each element, the whole thing runs with a central coordination role needed by a small team to keep things moving. When you empower your community to make things happen through the activities that are important to them, their energy can drive the activities. The PTPI team ensure that our values are aligned with the activities, that our tools are adequate to support our community and the results actually do add value to a growing community of people needing to understand and experience our value.

Chalks Corriette, President
PTPI Belgium

Ambassadors of Peace – PTPI’s Skopje-Macedonia Community Chapter

As part of the project Bridges Connecting Cultures, we launched an educational program for high school students called Ambassadors of Peace. During December 2014 and January 2015, our chapter members were constantly working with an amazing group of 17 high school students. In December we had three interactive workshops on three different topics: team building, leadership, and using new media for online activism. It was a challenge to build both harmonious and productive team, mainly because we have chosen students representing different nationalities in Macedonia. However, the results of their work as a team exceeded our expectations.

Our Ambassadors of Peace organized a humanitarian initiative, for our friends at the Youth Club from the Counseling Center for Children and Parents, at the SOS Children’s Village. They are now leaders in our community and role-models of their generation. Proof of their personal successes. Ivona Gorgiovska, this summer is going to participate in the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute for Youth, at the Wake Forest University in USA. Bozidar Stankovik has won a debate championship and Ilina Gjorgjievska has participated in a youth exchange in Montenegro.

These are some of the success stories of our enthusiastic group of young people. We believe that PTPI Skopje was a great help for their development. The biggest impact this group made was through their online activism with essays, videos, interviews and research on the topic of Peace through Understanding. Their creativity is available on our website-
We are very excited to start a new journey, with the young people from the second generation of the educational program Ambassadors of Peace.

Learn more about Republic of Macedonia: The Republic of Macedonia, which declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula and has approximately a population of 2 million people. The and the government type is parliamentary democracy and Skopje is the capital, with more than 500.000 people. The country’s landscape features large and high mountains, plains and flat valleys. The level of literacy is high, reaching 94% of population, and the main language spoken is Macedonian (70%), followed by Albanian, Turkish, Serbo-Croatian and others.

Angel Dimitrievski- President, PTPI’s Skopje-Macedonia Community Chapter

A visit from the United States of America

June 23, 2015 is not a regular school day at the Junior High school of Thalwil. Student Ambassadors from the US are visiting.

Three teenagers are sharing a table seeming rather embarrassed. They should be exchanging information about their culture. But all you can hear is silence. Neither the two Swiss nor the American student has the courage to speak first. But after a few minutes the conversation starts to pick up. At some of the other tables the situation is totally different. Three youngsters are having a vivid talk and another group of three is giggling.

Samantha Kirtikar Mazenauer, English teacher and Zurich’s chapter president of PTPI, has organized this meeting between the nine Student Ambassadors and sixteen students from Thalwil’s Junior High school. “It’s a real life chance for my students to practice their English and check their skills. Of course the 3-day homestay with Swiss families also contributes to our main goal: Peace through understanding.”
Meanwhile all students are ready to present each other, most shyness has now disappeared and it’s fun to hear about their hobbies and families. Our Swiss students are amazed by the fact that some American states have three months of summer holidays, where they only get five weeks!

The cultural exchange is a success for all the students. Some exchange social media information to stay in touch.