Make Manifesto

Being a member of PTPI is a major way that I demonstrate my belief in the value of friendship, and a recognition for what can be done when the forces of people come together for good. It is more important now, to ensure that we express ourselves through our actions, so that our words bring to life what is already in our soul.

There is something unique about delivering useful things, activities and gatherings. Our actions are the pieces of us that embody the needs of humanity in the world as we encounter it today.

The Manifesto below, belongs to the Maker Community. I believe that many elements are a force that runs through much of what we do in PTPI. My intention in sharing this with you, is to reignite your passion for delivering local relevance to your communities.

Chalks Corriette, Chapter President, Brussels, Belgium

Make Manifesto

Sustain: recycle, upcycle, reuse; repair and repurpose; make, mend and learn. Because once is never enough.

Value: Treasure people, their time and skills. Learn and share; teach and be taught. Support your community to support itself; be self-sufficient, independent and inspired.

Disrupt: Challenge conventions and disrupt the way things are made, done and disposed of. Combine high-tech and traditional. Experiment; create; make.

Connect: Build a vibe and an ethos, as well as things. Share your skills, ideas and support. Be independent, together; be a community. Get to know your neighbours.

Regenerate: Make; manufacture. Save old skills and try new ones. Know your neighbourhood. Relish the old; seek the new.

Include: Cherish your differences; talk to each other and try things; learn and share skills. Together. Mix old and new. Collaborate.

Make: Draw, cut, sew, photograph, weld, try, test, tweak. Be curious; be creative. Join us.