Welcome to our 2022 Annual Report

Like so many recent years, 2022 was not exactly business as usual.
Our US world headquarters went into liquidation and our Global Chapter Network stepped up to fill the void. We did manage to have a fantastic European conference with the team in Skopje, North Macedonia.
The year was spent mainly keeping the central European office tasks in order. And that left us with little time to advance the region, or in fact support some of our family members in other regions. This is a common problem for volunteer run organizations as people squeeze NGO passion into work and family life. In true PTPI style, you guys in the chapters stepped up to the needs of your local community, and for this, we can all continue to be proud.
Going forward, we shall bring our Annual reporting to be more visible through our website. We will build the content here and post updates as fast as we can edit them from our community.
We love hearing from you. Your thoughts and comments have always been a great source of comfort and guidance. Do contact us
Stay Awesome
Chalks Richard Corriette
PTPI Europe Administration

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