A USA to European connection fostered by PTPI

Mary and Mike Hermida
Greater Trenton, New Jersey PTPI Chapter

For the last six years, Mary and I have attended and thoroughly enjoyed all of the European conferences. We have met and partied with well over a hundred warm, intelligent and lively Europeans during these conferences and have stayed in touch with many of them through personal visits, email, and subsequent conferences.

We have enjoyed the beauty of their countries; learned to appreciate their culture through tours of their cities and historical venues, experiencing their dancing, singing, and music; and gained great insight into their individual perspectives and chapter challenges through discussions and work sessions at the World Cafes, council meetings, and group dinners.

Without a doubt, we have broadened our minds by sharing experiences and working to advance the PTPI mission of Peace through Understanding. We have also enjoyed interacting with students from many countries, impressed by their insights, energy, and friendliness. The dedication of PTPI students in countries like Poland, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, and Macedonia to their humanitarian efforts, despite the many challenges they face doing things that we as Americans take for granted, is inspirational. We are proud to support these efforts and to help facilitate student attendance and interaction at these PTPI conferences.