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Hotel Name Average Price in BGN for double room Distance from Center Web Notes
Grand Hotel Plovdiv***** BGN 164


750 m Center is 10 min walk via pedestrian bridge, venue – 30 min
Residence City Garden***** BGN 243

124 Euro

700 m



Hotel Name Average Price in BGN for double room Distance from Center Web Notes
Ramada Hotel Plovdiv**** BGN 148

76 Euro

On the center closest to the center and the venues
Park-Hotel Sankt Peterburg**** BGN 147

75 Euro

1.3 km center is 2 bus stops away or 30-40 min walk
Holiday Inn Plovdiv**** BGN 156

79-80 Euro

1.4 km center is 2 bus stops away or 30-40 min walk
Hotel Leipzig **** BGN 94

48 Euro

1 km Close to Center and opposite Mall Markovo Tepe



Hotel Name Average Price in BGN for double room Distance from Center Web Notes
Park Hotel Plovdiv*** BGN 88

45 Euro

1.6 km
Capital City Center Apart Residence**** BGN 119

61 Euro

1 km It offers apartments for rent, located close to the Central Station. Its close to the Center, but may be confusing for finding your way there.
Star Hotel*** BGN 88

45 Euro

100 m
Business Hotel Plovdiv *** BGN 98

50 Euro

Expo Hotel*** BGN 95

48.5 Euro

850 m Good location to Center, but normally overbooked
Seven Hills Hotel *** BGN 88

45 Euro

400 m
Hotel BLVD7*** BGN 90

46 Euro

1.1 km Located by the International Fair of Plovdiv, 1 to 2 bus stop away from Center, walking is possible (30 min)


In the old town

Hotel Name Average Price in BGN for double room Distance from Center Web Notes
Roots Hotel and Wine Bar *** BGN 100

50 Euro

100 m Small boutique Hotel, old town
Avion Hotel *** BGN 72

36 Euro

900 m Small boutique Hotel, old town
Hotel Alafrangite *** BGN 115

59 Euro

350 m Small boutique Hotel, old town
Hotel Evmoplpia *** BGN 121

62 Euro

100 m Small boutique Hotel, old town



Additional information on accomodation and transportation:

There a plenty of good apartments around the Center and guest houses, that can offer a pleasant stay, but it’s impossible to list all of them. For cheaper or other preferred options, please search on, where most current offers are available.
Please note, that due to high demand of the Plovdiv 2019 activities, some Hotels may not be available or fully booked, so it’s best to book your reservation well in advance.
None of the Hotels will host a venue in our program, so there are no restrictions, but please try to book within the Center or you may need to find your way via taxi or use a public transport.
Once you book your Hotel or Apartment, please send us e-mail and we will send you directions how to get to the venues. Any relevant questions will also be answered through our Communications Manager.

*Taxies in Bulgaria work with a starting fee from 0.50 EU Cents and about the same per kilometer. Its highly recommended to order one from Hotel or Given numbers by the team. Not recommended to pick up from the street, especially those located next to Central Stations. Its Important before you enter a taxi to look at their rates on the taxi boards. Everything above the 0.79 lev per kilometer is a rip-off.

Plovdiv is not a big territory, so taxies in the longest distance will not exceed 5 Euro! The average price its around 3 Euro per ride.

*Hotels located in the old town are quite nice and traditional, but not so easily accessible by car, so prepare to walk. It’s worth the views and the atmosphere, though for those, who don’t mind a good exercise.
1 EURO = 1.956 Bg levs, but some charge up to 1.98, so the easiest way to calculate is divide BGN price by 2.

The chapter will provide homestay possibilities. Priority will be given to young members attending the conference. If you want to request information on homestay, please contact Emil Mitrindjakov at

How to get to Plovdiv from Sofia

There are 4 ways to get from Plovdiv to Sofia: by bus, train, taxi or car! The distance between Sofia and Plovdiv is around 145 km, and the time you will travel depends on the transport you are using.
NB! When you arrive don’t go after the people, who are offering transport verbally. Most times there are illegal or conman, who will charge you fantastic rates and there is nothing you can do about it.
It is best to go either at the counter of the “OK Supertrans”(taxis), rental cars or follow the signs to Metro and Bus stops! All counters are right opposite the exit doors and you won’t miss them out as the airport is small.

Travelling By Bus
With bus it will take you around 2h 20m and it will cost you from 14 leva (7 Euro). There are buses directly to Plovdiv. If you arrive late at night or you don’t want the hassle of getting lost in Sofia, we recommend getting taxi from the airport to the station, it will cost you around 5-8 Euro!
NB!, the last bus to Plovdiv leaves at 8 pm!!! If you arrive after this, choose another option as train, taxi or stay the night in Sofia.
There’s a bus leaving from the Central Bus Station at every hour (even every 30 minutes in the middle of the day). To get to the Central Bus Station in Sofia, follow the instructions in the link
Buses timetable:
Central Station official

Travelling by Train
With train it will take you around 2h 30m and it will cost you from $5-$6 usd/5 Euro. In general trains in Bulgaria are not to be recommended. Unlike some other countries, trains here are slower, older and not so convenient as the buses. However, most of the times they are cheaper, especially if you use some kind of discount. Some people prefer the trains because they give you more flexibility (at least to stretch your legs).
Some find it to be quite intriguing adventure…a blast from the soviet union past  Only that the trains are not deliberately held for museum – they are naturally rusted antiques and still moving. Enjoy!
Train to Plovdiv takes a bit longer than the bus but it’s also a good option. There are trains directly to Plovdiv.

By Taxi
You can travel to Plovdiv using car or taxi. It is a lot more faster and yet a lot more expensive! It will take you around 1h 20m and from $14-$21 usd/12-19 Euro using car and from $70-$90 usd/61-80 Euro using taxi. We don’t recommend you to use taxi because as you can see, it is so expensive!

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