Hotel Name Average Price in MKD/EUR (per night/per person) Distance from Center Website Comments
HOTEL ARKA (MAIN CONFERENCE VENUE) 50 EUR (one person in a room)
60 EUR (two people in a room)
1 km Please download the document bellow for making a reservation at Hotel Arka. The price of 50/60 EUR will be kept the latest March 15-th.

Please download the document here in order to receive instructions on making a reservation at Hotel Arka. PTPI Skopje Chapter negotiated a lower price for our conference. Guests are recommended to make their reservation as soon as possible as awarding of rooms will be made on a first come-first served basis, but this price will be only kept until March 15-th, 2022. The hotel is close to most of the conference locations.

Alternative hotel- Hotel Premium (only if Hotel Arka is fully reserved)
In case the whole Hotel Arka is reserved at time when you are making a reservation we highly suggest that you make a reservation at Hotel Premium which is just across Hotel Arka for practical reasons. The booking in Hotel Premium goes regularly through

Other hotels
If you wish to book other hotels or hostels, please contact Angel Dimitrievski at before making prior reservation so you can be more informed if it is a good value for money and distance to the main conference venue.

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