PTPI Americas is one of the largest and most visited regions for our organization. PTPI was founded in the US in 1956 and has grown to become a leading non-profit organization that provides cultural exchanges between people of all ages from all countries worldwide. With its vast landscape and exciting mix of natural wonders, archeological treasures and cultural diversity there’s no shortage of things to see and do in the Americas!

PTPI continues to itself as an international organization with teams around the world. And it is important to note that while history will always be important, it’s not just about looking back; PTPI continues to evolve and impact lives today through its Global Chapter Network that connects communities worldwide.

The Americas, spanning from Canada to Argentina, are a diverse region with a rich cultural heritage. Here are some cultural experiences to consider when traveling to the Americas:

Explore Indigenous cultures: The Americas are home to many indigenous communities with unique cultures and traditions. Visitors can learn about their history, customs, and crafts by visiting indigenous communities, attending cultural events, and exploring museums.

Experience Latin American music and dance: Latin America is known for its vibrant music and dance, from salsa and tango to samba and reggaeton. Visitors can experience this firsthand by attending local concerts and dance performances.

Visit colonial-era cities: Many cities in the Americas have preserved their colonial-era architecture and offer visitors a glimpse into their past. Some examples include Old Quebec City in Canada, Cartagena in Colombia, and Ouro Preto in Brazil.

Try the local cuisine: The Americas offer a wide variety of cuisine, influenced by indigenous, European, African, and Asian cultures. Some must-try dishes include poutine in Canada, ceviche in Peru, BBQ in the southern United States, and empanadas in Argentina.

Attend cultural festivals: The Americas are home to many cultural festivals throughout the year, such as Carnaval in Brazil, Dia de los Muertos in Mexico, and the Calgary Stampede in Canada. These events offer a chance to experience local traditions and celebrate with the community.

Explore art and museums: The Americas have a rich artistic heritage, with many museums and galleries showcasing the works of famous artists such as Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Fernando Botero. Visitors can also explore street art, murals, and public art installations in many cities.

Experience the natural beauty: The Americas offer stunning natural landscapes, from the Canadian Rockies to the Amazon rainforest. Visitors can go hiking, camping, or rafting in national parks and other natural areas, or simply take in the beauty of the scenery.

Overall, the Americas offer a wide variety of cultural experiences for visitors to explore, from indigenous cultures to colonial architecture, music and dance, cuisine, festivals, art, and natural beauty.

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