PTPI EU Council Meeting – 17 September 2022 via Zoom

Dear PTPI friends,

This year the PTPI EU Council Meeting will take place online (via Zoom) on Saturday 17 September 17, 17hrs CET (Central European Time).

The Council Meeting this year did not happen as part of the EU Conference since we did not have representatives from the European office or the EEC. Which is why, this time around, we will host the meeting online. Given that we would like to extend the options to participate and vote to as many people as possible, this may be the most inclusive way forward, long-term.

Please note, we would appreciate your registering for the meeting by 10 September. This is a meeting where we will discuss the future of PTPI, given the happenings at WHQ- the meeting is not limited by number of participants per chapter (meaning that everyone is encouraged to participate).

Please register for attending this meeting on this link:

The initial Agenda for the EU Council Meeting will be as follows:

1. Review and approval of narrative and financial report for 2021

2. Membership fees as posted on the EU website

3. Nominations for PTPI EU Conference 2023

4. Future of PTPI (a proposal)

5. Other (please send suggestions or topics which you would like to discuss at this meeting).

The meeting will be led by PTPI Europe President, Administration office, Chalks Corriette.

We are also very happy to open the application for nominations for our next PTPI EU Conference 2023. We encourage all chapters to disseminate this information between their chapter members and submit a nomination for this unique opportunity. We know that many members will be happy to visit your city, country and spend time with your chapter members! The deadline for nominations is September 1st. The nomination form is available via this link:

PTPI Europe will soon launch a call for nomination for our European Executive Committee (EEC). Please read more about the roles here: and find a role that would be a good fit for you.

Best regards,

Angel Dimitrievski

We live in a growing digital era, you can post questions to our office via our many channels 24/7. Available to you are: Facebook, Whats App, Instagram, LibkedIn and email.