Kathmandu, Nepal

People to People International Peace Nepal

Contact Indra: ptpnp2003@gmail.com

in 2011, Mary Eisenhower, Viktor Zikas and many other from USA had attended.
2 persons from New Zealand
7 persons from Pakistan
26 persons from Taiwan
3 persons from Magnolia
4 persons from. South Korea
3 persons from. Japan
23 persons from Nepal

And in 2019 November

1 person from USA PTPI headquarters
22 persons from Taiwan
7 persons from. Japan
14 persons from. Korea
28 persons from. Nepal

Both the programs were very successfully concluded, there was a cultural show every day.

Besides these 2 international conference, locally we do organize according to needs. In 2015 we did exemplary work,
for this our chapter was awarded by James T Doty Award, to receive that award, I had attended Berlin Conference, we had met in Berlin, in Estonia.