Doing what we can

Doing something is better than doing nothing at all – every little bit helps, as the saying goes.

It is amazing how several small acts of kindness can deliver huge benefits to communities. One person might choose to donate €1 each month. Another individual will support a youth project, such as scouting, dedicating time each month. People that like to run will raise money for a great cause as they participate in their local 20K or Marathon. There are groups of families that undertake community projects together. This helps build a community, friendships and provides an opportunity for a family to deliver a community service together.

Please do something! It is time to engage and not simply say “I just don’t know how to get started”. Find a local cause that you can connect with. Are you passionate about the environment, the elderly, children with problems, animal welfare, the state of our buildings, litter on the streets, weeds growing everywhere, graffiti in the wrong places, food waste, composting, the circular economy, the arts, or is your passion sport or education. Whatever it is, other people will feel the same way. Connecting with like-minded people ensures that there is a bond and an energy to build on.

There is so much to be done everywhere you look. There are so many organizations, associations and opportunities that would benefit from some help. It is not always about money, although money does help to pay for some much-needed resources. And, if collecting funds or making a financial donation works best for you – that is a very welcome something.

If you’re stuck for ideas about what you can do, please do connect and we will do our very best to guide you. PTPI is making every effort to be a connecting NGO for the many opportunities to contribute, and the many needs that communities have. Just remember doing what we can, is preferable to doing nothing at all. Our community will be better off when we are all doing what we can.

Chalks Corriette
PTPI Europe