A warm welcome to our community and our website

The office of the PTPI European Council is in Brussels, Belgium, where we have had a presence since 1970.  Since 2015, we have provided a Europe wide registration, lobby and representation service. In 2023, following the closure of World HQ, Kansas City USA, Brussels became host to efforts forming the base of the Chapter Network (CN).  Brussels, known as the ‘Capital of Europe’, is a vibrant melting pot of cultures that’s reflected in its diverse range of businesses and associations. With people from every corner of the world and from all walks of life living and working in Belgium, PTPI is uniquely positioned to bring people together.

We are a member-driven community, supported by volunteers and through private funding. We operate like a cooperative, and we take advantage of best practice from business and technology. PTPI has a strong global presence. We also have a local reputation as a reliable social partner and support to business. Information about our structure, membership and our services is here.

People to People International is an organization driven by its passion for people. We firmly believe that a network of culturally knowledgeable citizens is essential to sustaining a peaceful world, and we are dedicated to promoting this vision. Our chapters and members embody the best of what we hope to see in the world – a community of individuals committed to making a positive impact on the world around them. As true people fanatics, we strive to inspire and empower individuals to become global citizens who are equipped to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please do contact us.