At People to People International, we are excited to share with you a sneak peek of what’s to come, as we believe in being proactive and prepared for whatever the future may hold. Despite recent challenges, we remain committed to ensuring the continued legacy of PTPI and keeping the spirit of our organization alive. Join us in our mission to promote cultural understanding and make lasting cross-cultural connections through our conferences, meetups, and youth camps. We see the world as a place full of cultural beauty and complexity, and we are here to help everyday citizens find understanding between our leaders, members, and prospective partners.

People to People International (PTPI)

From analysis done in 2015, we will probably change our tag line on January 1st, 2024 from:
Peace through Understanding, to:
Lead Learn Experience Connect

Our chapters form the bedrock of PTPI, with an impressive count of 110 in number. Although each chapter operates independently, our coordination center in Brussels, Belgium diligently ensures cohesion across the diverse range of programs. Through their unwavering support services, chapters are enabled to effectively carry out our mission within their local communities. Our chapters represent the best of what we wish to see in the world when the world is at its best.

  • Lead: Leading from a global perspective of knowledge and understanding
  • Learn: Learning about emerging countries, trends, economies, voices and needs in order to acquire global cultural competence
  • Experience: Experiencing people and places in a manner that leads to personal and professional growth
  • Connect: Connecting with today and tomorrow’s leaders through a world-wide network

We will be structured into three large Regions
Americas, Asia, EMEA

The current effort is focused on appointing a global administrative committee to guide the legal aspect of the regenerated NGO. The Regions will provide the executive board required to collaborate on a program since it is the Chapters that are the drivers of our actions. There is much to be done and we understand the enormity of the task.

Thoughts – Ideas – Comments, encouraged