This page was added July 2022 and is not yet approved.
This is based on a proposal from 2014/2015 for the Chapter Network to focus on.
We are sharing it now because are dealing with the legal fallout of ECE, the travel unit. We want to be prepared for whatever the future may bring.

PTPI Global Chapter Network (PTPI GCN)

Lead Learn Experience Connect

Chapters are the foundation of PTPI GCN numbering more than nn. While chapters are autonomous, our coordination center in Brussels, Belgium oversees cohesion within the variety of programs. They will provide support services to increase a chapters ability to carry out our mission in their local communities.

  • Lead: Leading from a global perspective of knowledge and understanding
  • Learn: Learning about emerging countries, trends, economies, voices and needs in order to acquire global cultural competence
  • Experience: Experiencing people and places in a manner that leads to personal and professional growth
  • Connect: Connecting with today and tomorrow’s leaders through a world-wide network

We are structured into three Regions
Americas, Asia, EMEA

We bring people together, creating a caring and sustainable community that respects cultural differences, creates friendships and promotes peace.

The current effort is focused on appointing a global executive committee to guide the GCN, and to have youth representation equal to that of the community chapters. There is much to be done and we understand the enormity of the task.

Thoughts – Ideas – Comments, welcome

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