Chilling out in Greece

Travel like a Greek – Aegina island stay, Acropolis visit

PTPI Europe and the folks from the Travel Capsule Project, invite you on a four-day adventure in Greece. Wednesday 14, to Sunday 18 June, 2017.

Why join this trip?
People to People International Europe asbl, is all about people, about connecting people to each other, bringing them together. And what better way to do so, than having a great time under the eternally shining Greek sun? Chilling out, swimming in crystal clear waters and learning about the history of this area. Greece has stood through the centuries offering all humanity, it’s culture and civilization? Did you know that four out of the seven great wonders of the world are located in ancient Greece?

Our trip will visit and learn about the history of the Acropolis and the Parthenon, standing through the centuries above the city of Athens. After this, time for some serious relaxation folks. We will spend three days on the island of Aegina, approximately one hour by boat, from Athens. Although Aegina is close to the capital, it has not been spoiled by mass tourism and has kept intact its character. Aegina is a beautiful island with many beaches and a rich history. The Temple of Aphaia is probably the best-known attraction, which we will have the chance to visit.

So what are you waiting for?
Embrace the weather, food, culture and people of Greece!

Aegina – according to Greek mythology

According to mythology Zeus, who was the father of the Gods, fell in love with one of God Asopo’s daughters, who was very beautiful, her name was Aegina. He kidnapped her and took her to the island of Oinoi. There, they had a son called Aiakos and the island was named after her.

Zeus made Aiakos a king and according again to mythology, he turned the ants of the island into people so he could have citizens. For this reason, the inhabitants of Aegina were called Mirmidones (in Greek language Mirmigi means ant). Aiakos married Kedavro Xeirona’s daughter called Endintha with whom he had Pileas and Telamonas.

He also married Nirintha Psamanthi with whom he had Foko. Pileas and Telamonas murdered Foko out of jealousy and then they left the island. Pileas went to Thessalia, he married Thetitha and they had a son called Achilleas. Telamonas went to Salamina, he married Arivoia and they had Aiada.

Aegina was Achileas and Aiada’s hometown and they were both two of the most important heroes in the war of Troy. Aiakos, never forgave Pileas and Telamonas. He was pious and fair and when he died, he became a judge in Adis with Rodamanthi and Minoa.

Our trip in a nutshell – Four-day escapade in Greek sunshine

  • Day guided excursion to Acropolis, the Parthenon, New Museum of Acropolis Monastiraki & Plaka neighborhood: learning about ancient Greece and visitingalso the area of the ancient open – air market.
  • Three night stay in a beautiful and luxurious small hotel on Aegina island, by the sea
  • Swim in the sea, relax, connect, explore or chill out by the salt water swimming pool
  • Daily boat trip around Aegina, stopping at amazing beaches to swim
  • Visit the Temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina
  • Visitng Aegina’s central city, strolling around the beautiful narrow streets
  • Possibility for yoga, horse riding, beach volleyball, outdoor chess, diving
  • Exercises for those who want to raise their energy levels, with Alexander
  • And, of course delicious Greek food, wine and hospitality

When?   14 to 18 June 2017
Where? Athens & Aegina island, Greece
How?     We will meet you at Athens international airport

Participation? Details can be found below…..


The Acropolis

The word “Acropolis” means city by the edge, and there are many acropolises all over Greece. The one in Athens is the best known of them all, and is therefore often referred to as “The Acropolis”. Towering over the capital, its is a very impressive sight, and walking around on its grounds, it gives the visitor a feeling of awe and a true sense of the greatness of the ancient Greeks.

The founder of Athens and Greek civilizations was king Cecrops, according to mythology. He had been born out of the earth and was half man half snake. He taught the people many crafts, as well as the burial customs, and decided which god would protect the city.
There were two candidates: the goddess Athena and the god Poseidon. In order to prove their worth, and perhaps bribe the people, they each presented the city with a gift.

Poseidon struck his trident into the rock of the Acropolis, and out sprang a well. The people ran to the well to drink its water, but had to spit it out since the water was salty, Poseidon being a sea god. Then Athena touched the ground, and an olive tree grew out. This proved to be a much more useful present, so Cecrops decided that Athena would be the patron of the city – thus giving it her name as well. The wooden statue of Athena which originally stood on the Acro-polis was believed to have fallen out of the sky.


The program

Day one – 14 June
Arrival at Athens International airport (make your own travel arrangements). Depending on the time of your arrival, you will be met by Alexander, or you will be given detailed information so you can meet us at the hotel for the first night in Piraeus. There is a direct connection from the airport to Piraeus by bus. More details will be given to the participants on registration. Settle into your hotel, stroll around the center of Piraeus city, have dinner.

Accommodation: In twin rooms in a recently renovated hotel in Pireaus. If you would like single occupancy please let us now as there is a limited number of single rooms. There is an extra charge for single occupancy.

Day two – 15 June:
Guided (day) tour to the Acropolis and the New Museum of Acropolis and strolling around in the very beautiful Monastiraki and Plaka neighborhood. Having lunch in Plaka and at the end of the day (early evening or evening) taking the boat from Piraeus, after collecting our luggage, to Aegina island.
We arrive at Souvala port in Aegina and will be transferred to our hotel where we settle in and we have dinner.

Accommodation: In twin rooms in a luxury small hotel next to the beach in the northern part of the island.

Day three – 16 June:
Waking up by the sea. After having our delicious breakfast we can go to the beach to swim. You can also relax by the salt water swimming pool. There is a possibility to organize a yoga class for those interested, or you can play beach volleyball next to the hotel. Another possibility is horse riding in the area or you can play outdoor chess.

For those who are interested, there is the possibility to rent a car and discover different beaches around the island. Late afternoon, a few hours after lunch, we will go for a small hike to the nearby woods. We can hike, depending on our speed, to the temple of Aphaia!

The Temple of Aphaia is located within a sanctuary complex dedicated to the goddess Aphaia. Formerly known as the Temple of Jupiter Panhellenius, the great Doric temple is now recognized as a dedication to the mother-goddess Aphaia. Goddess Aphaia was local deity, and associated with fertility and the agricultural cycle.

In the evening we will stroll in Aegina central city, along the beautiful narrow streets that are traditional on the Greek islands. We shall have dinner there.

Day four – 17 June:
Today we shall take a boat trip around the island of Aegina and also visit Agistri a small island next to Aegina. We will visit a number of beaches to swim in the crystal clear water. These beaches are not reachable by car or on foot. At some point we will stop for lunch and today for those interested you will have the possibility to do diving. After returning from our boat trip, we can enjoy an evening BBQ at the hotel.

Day five – 18 June:
Depending on your flight back home we will take the first boat or second boat to Piraeus, and from there we will head to the airport. We say goodbye here. But, we take with us everything that we have experienced together on this Greek adventure!

The accomodation

  • We will spend three nights in a luxurious, family-run hotel set in the northern part of Aegina island. Spyros and his family are great hosts
  • The hotel offers beautiful studios and apartments, with sea views, and a salt water swimming pool located close to a quiet beach
  • You can wake up with the sound of the waves, watch the sunrise, start your day with a walk next to the sea
  • Have your breakfast at the poolside, enjoy the sun & sea afterwards
  • There are sunbeds around the pool and on the beach
  • There are shaded areas, and there is always a small breeze
  • You can have a drink at the poolside while enjoying the fantastic sunset


“Chilling out in Greece” package cost: 620 euro
The total amount must be settled one month prior to your arrival
We would appreciate full payment no later than 10 May 2017

The package includes the following:

  • First night stay in a recently renovated hotel in Pireaus, twin rooms, with breakfast
  • Guided visit to the Acropolis, the Parthenon, new museum of Acropolis and Monastiraki & Plaka region
  • Return boat tickets to Aegina
  • Transfers, Souvala boat port to hotel
  • Three nights hotel stay in Aegina, twin rooms, with breakfast
  • Energetic practices with Alexander
  • One yoga class
  • Return transfers, by taxi to Aegina central city
  • Day boat trip around Aegina island
  • BBQ dinner without drinks at the hotel, 17 June
  • Homemade Greek dinner without drinks, 15 June
  • Homemade Greek lunch without drinks, 16 June

Not included:

  • Air travel to/from Athens
  • Two bus tickets, transfer from Athens airport to Pireaus and return journey
  • Two metro tickets, transfer from Piraeus to Acropolis and return journey.
  • Dinner 14 June – we will make a group reservation at a local restaurant
  • Lunch 15 June – we will make recommendations, we shall be in Plaka region.
  • Dinner 16 June – we will make recommendations, we shall be in Aegina city
  • Lunch 17 June – we will be on our boat trip. Bring sandwiches, or you can eat lunch at a local tavern.

For lunch or dinner options, much depends on your taste and preferences. The local food is very good and you should budget around 15 euro per meal, per person.

The air travel:

International air travel is to be arranged according to your preferences and available options, from where you live.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 – late afternoon if possible

Sunday, 18 June 2017, we will leave the hotel on Aegina in the morning. There are other crossings for people with a later flight. You may also wish to spend more time in Athens, or other parts of Greece.

Every participant must have valid health and travel insurance.

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