This page is out-of-date and relates to the 2019 visit to Bulgaria. We shall make updates very soon – please bear with us. 

Day Trip 1: The Revival age trip – 2 September 2019
Starting point: Plovdiv, Destination 71km (44 miles), Direction: North.
Around 45-60 minutes journey one way
Departure from Plovdiv to Sopot and Anevsko kale Fortress.
Trip Includes:

  • Visit to Anevskoto kale – a significant and well-preserved Fortress from the 2nd Bulgarian country dated XII-XIV (3-4 hours, comfortable walking shoes and a water bottles are a must!)
    Lunch at Restaurant Dobrila
  • Visit of a traditional Revival age City – walk around the town and getting the sense of a typical architecture style (old and modern)
  • Visit of an ethnographic and craft complex:
    • Old Bulgarian Crafts observation
    • Retro cafeteria experience.
    • (Additionally, you could have: Retro picture with retro costumes – 5 euro)
  • Visit to the house of the most significant Bulgarian writer in the revival age – Ivan Vazov
  • Visit to a museum complex, representing famous old female school, represented in books and films, included in a beautiful church courtyard
  • Visit to other local museums, a water mill and memorials

Price: 45 euro for the trip (transport, tourist insurance*, guide in English and fees)
Hotel near Sopot: 35 euro (will be booked by us)

Meals at your own expense.
Lunch at restaurant Dobrila – around 5-6 euro
Dinner at the Hotel – 10-15 euro (we could pre-book)

Day Trip 2: The Thracian kings and roses trip – 03.09.2019
Destination: 60 km (37 miles), around 40 minutes journey (from Sopot), Direction: East

There is one place in Bulgaria combining the most magnificent Thracian tombs and the mystery of the rose-growing turned into a holiday. There, the fragrant aroma of roses brings the memory of ancient culture and great rulers who inhabited the lands in distant days but left an inheritance that even today impresses with exquisiteness and perfection. It’s called the Valley of the Thracian kings and roses.

The trip includes:

  • Visit to the Damascena ethnographic complex and tasting of traditional rose rakia (brandy), jam and honey from roses;

-There you will see an ancient distillery, called “Gyulapan”, made according to the model of installations for obtaining rose oil in the Rose Valley, more than 340 years ago, you will also see the modern working distillery. After the tour you will enjoy the fragrance of the roses in the garden of the complex and try the traditional gully rakia, jam and honey from roses.

-Lunch at the complex restaurant – around 5-10 euro (by your own choice)
After lunch: Departure to the “Valley of the Thracian Kings”. This is the name that archaeologists give to an area of about 1000 mound necropolises near Kazanlak. The most famous of   them are the Kazanlak tomb, which preserves unique frescoes of the ancient painting, as well as the “Big Kosmatka” – the tomb of the famous Thracian ruler, Sevt III.

  • visit of the Thracian tomb “Golyama Kosmatka”;
  • visiting the town of Kazanlak and other sights on the way;

Price: 45 euro (includes transport, entrance fees and guided tours). Not included meals

Arriving in Plovdiv.
Hotel in Plovdiv – you need to book yourself
No host dinner

Day Trip 3 – Wonderful Nature and Yogurt trip – 04.09.2019
Destination: The wonder bridges and Traditional Dairy creamery factory, 70 km from Plovdiv (43 mils), around 40 minutes one way. Direction: South
This trip includes the most wanted in Bulgaria – nature and yogurt. Don’t worry, it won’t get too cheesy 

– Visit to the Marvelous Bridges or Wonderful Bridges – natural arches in the Rhodope Mountains of southern Bulgaria.
– Visit to a local Dairy producers, where we can observe the production of yogurt and dairy products. The Mandra is situated at an altitude of 1150 m above sea level in the Rhodope village Zaburdo – not far from the natural phenomenon “Wonderful Bridges”. The specific climate and cleanliness of nature give the products inimitable taste and content.

Price: 40 euro (transport, guidance and admission fees)
Lunch: on site
comfortable walking shoes and a water bottles are a must!

*Tourist insurance – please note, that those who enroll in the trips need to have tourist insurance, so we may ask you for your passport details in advance. The insurance will include all the tours. In case you have a questions, please ask Emilia:



5/09/2019 6/09/2019 7/09/2019 8/09/2019
All morning
Arrivals/ Accommodating
9:30 – 12:00
Activity 2: Crazy people are never fatigue – The chapter’s trademark game (teamed treasure hunt and visits to observe and help different organisations, groups and people in the City)
9:00 – 12:00
Council meeting
-Agenda TBD
Including cofeebreak
Venue: Trakart Cultural Center
9:30 – 16:30
Group tour to Bachkovo Monastery
-Hiking and sightseeing
Lunch on site included. (More information bellow)
14:00 – 17:00
Activity 1:
Art-installation: Unity of PTPI chapters
14:00 – 16:30
Activity 3: Summary and presentation of the visits
12:30 – 14:00
14:30 – 19:00
Free time
No host Dinner
Talents of PTPI
17:30 – 19:30 Dinner 19:00
Dinner with program
20:00 Group Participation in the official celebration of the Bulgarian Unification festivities


Bachkovo Monastery and The Red Wall reserve

  • Bachkovo Monastery, founded in 1083 has an amazing history and role in preserving an icon of Virgin Mary, which is thought to be miraculous and so it’s the story behind it.
  • The Red Wall – UNESCO’s biosphere reserve, where over 600 vascular plant species have been found, including 21 endemic species for the Balkans

Bachkovo Monastery attracts pilgrims from all over the world. The history of the monastery, the role and significance it played during the 500 years of Ottoman rulership, you will visit the main church of Virgin Mary (built 1604), marvel at the incredible murals, see in the yard the largest preserved scenic mural on the Balkan Peninsula from 1807. You will hear the legend of the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary and get the chance to whisper your deepest wishes in front of it in hope they come true.

The road to the monastery is surrounded with local sellers and is the perfect place for authentic Bulgarian shopping. Your tour guide will be available to answer your questions about the crafts, herbs, teas and foods sold there and help you make the best gift choice.

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