Final Accounts PTPI Europe 2020


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Hi Chalks,

I’ve finished the 2020 accounts – copy of the spreadsheet attached. You might want to check that I’ve put the transactions in the correct columns (just drag them to a new column if necessary and everything else should up date itself). The summary Receipts and Payments Account on the third sheet. It shows a profit on the year of €1,397.84 and a balance in the bank on 31 December 2020 of €8,718.71.

Note that the year-end balance includes conference fees from Lehmann of €435 and Honegger of €655 which were paid in 2020 but are being held over until 2021. I haven’t made a Statement of Assets and Liabilities but if there were one then these amounts would need to be shown as liabilities at the end of the year.