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essential differences between men and between cultures

“If man is to survive, he will have learned to take a delight in the essential differences between men and between cultures. He will learn that differences in ideas and attitudes are...Read more »

Report from Klina, Kosovo, Youth Chapter

Hello from Klina, Kosovo, Youth Chapter! Here we provide a report for December 2020: The distribution of food to families in need was done by our members of the Youth Center Ardhmeria...Read more »

PTPI Europe AGM – September 2020

Updates – News – Comments AGM 2020 – also sent by newsletter PTPI Europe – Annual General Meeting Dear officers and members of PTPI Europe, This is a reminder t...Read more »

All Swiss Chapter Meeting 2020

Zurich, Switzerland – August 8. At 10h15, 15 members of People to People International (seven former members of the Zurich Chapter), met at the main station to get to know the old...Read more »

PTPI Skopje, North Macedonia Community Chapter

PTPI Skopje, North Macedonia Community Chapter was founded in 2013. North Macedonia has a population around two Milion, and the chapter is mostly working with young people aged 15 to 30...Read more »

Open Call: Micro grants – Youth 2020

PTPI Europe announces a 2020 call for chapter microgrants. The 2020 PTPI EU Conference has been postponed to 2021, however PTPI Europe is determined to support the various projects taki...Read more »

Youth led organizations access to support and funding

We are in a situation where we are one of the few NGOs that has almost no youth at the top of the organization. Our executive committee, trustee groups or boards – and almost all...Read more »


A study from the European Youth Forum warns about the diminishing civic space in Europe for young people and youth organisations in particular. In 17 out of 35 OECD Member countries, yo...Read more »

Young people and the future of work

RESILIENT GENERATIONS The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2020 reveals “resilient generations” in the face of the health and economic crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Accor...Read more »

Donation to PTPI in Kenya

Brussels, Belgium 11 June 2020 PTPI Europe donates 400 euro to PTPI Mombasa, Kenya This pandemic period has shone a light onto the complications encountered in less developed parts of o...Read more »

The Great Reset

There are two parts to this item. 1. Where the World Economic Forum set the scene for what they envisage 2. We think about the concept of Reset for PTPI, at least in Europe and Africa T...Read more »


TIME FOR NATURE The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the climate that makes our planet habitable all come from nature. Yet, these are exceptional times in which ...Read more »

To zoom or not to zoom!

During the confinement period, many meetings have gone online. Technology has allowed us to continue meetings, education, social gatherings, and more. Initially, there was a concern tha...Read more »

Newsletter – 20 May

COVID19 We genuinely hope that these past few weeks of confinement have been kind to you, your family and community. Being cooped up for such a long time can play havoc with peoples me...Read more »

Document Library – Reports and more

We have created a library in the Clouds allowing you to download key documents. The document Library> Many of our key stakeholders need generic presentations, annual reports, financial...Read more »

Meet us on the Village Green (Virtual)

We would be thrilled if you could meet us. We have updated our digital transformation and included a Village in the clouds. The Village communities cover a number of key subjects and ...Read more »

Welcome to our community shop

A contribution to supporting our chapters to thrive – Our Shop We are a European community of globally engaged citizens. Our focus is on making friends and understanding cultures ...Read more »

PTPI in Africa

We are a global family operating the world over. Chapters are the backbone of the PTPI family, organized into Regions. Here we provide some information about Africa with a link to thei...Read more »

Saturday 21 March, 2020 World Down’s syndrome day

Dear Parents, This is fun for all the family and just what we need at the moment. Saturday 21st March is World Down’s syndrome day.  You can show your support by wearing odd s...Read more »

2020 European Conference – COVID-19

Hello, members and friends of PTPI Europe. We are sure that the current global focus surrounding the coronavirus has not escaped your notice. Today, the EEC held an online meeting to re...Read more »

An important message from our World HQ about COVID-19

An important message from our World HQ about COVID-19: Dear Loyal People to People Ambassador, I wanted to take this opportunity, with the recent developments, to share our organization...Read more »

I have been fortunate enough to have travelled a life journey that commenced with me experiencing everything that the corporate world had to offer, and when I write everything, I mean &...Read more »

We are fully capable of doing so much more

People to People International has always believed in replacing cultural barriers with cultural understanding. #ptpi #globalcitizen If you think about ou...Read more »

European Conference – Skopje, North Macedonia September 2020

Conferences – September 2020 We are pleased that making connections with people from around the world is important to our members, and their friends. PTPI Regions offer a range of co...Read more »

António Guterres: Read the UN Secretary-General’s Davos speech in full

Thank you very much to all of you for being here. If I had to select one sentence to describe the state of the world, I would say we are in a world in which global challenges are mo...Read more »

Update from Chapter Interlaken, Switzertland

Year-end reunion on December 6, 2019: That evening 22 people gathered in the workshop of Daniel Rüegsegger, where 3 were from Zurich and 8 from Chapter Bern. There was seldom such a ha...Read more »

Get involved in your community and make the most of life in Brussels

Feeling like an insider instead of an outsider is the best thing that can happen to an expat living abroad. One way of stepping out of the bubble is by getting involved in your communit...Read more »

The Global Travel Podcast Channel

Well-travelled people who immerse themselves in the local culture, and environment and who engage with the people who live there. They have the skills to express their experiences throu...Read more »

Update: Katowice, Poland

On September 16 and 17, Professor Michael Hermida from the USA conducted a series of workshops in our high school. He is a retired researcher who worked for organizations such as NASA...Read more »

Supporting students and sharing PTPI expertise

Dear EEC and other interested parties, Following the wonderful conference in Plovdiv, I gave a series of short seminars on data management over two days at Janusz’s sch...Read more »
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