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2023 PTPI European Conference

Conferences – 16 to 18 June 2023, ALGHERO/SASSARI – SARDINIA Our 2023 PTPI European Conference will take place near Alghero (Sassari) – Sardinia from 16 to 18 June, 2023. We are c...Read more »

Leadership qualities you may have

What does it take to be a great leader? Once upon a time, birth order and socioeconomic status were considered powerful determinants in who would successfully climb the ladder. Lately,...Read more »

Supporting Youth

ChatGPT – feedback As an AI language model, I cannot provide subjective opinions or beliefs, but here are some general ways to support youth development: 1. Education: Education ...Read more »

Benefits of NGOs for Communities

ChatGPT – feedback As an AI language model, I do not have personal beliefs or views, but as per the data available to me, here are some of the benefits that the NGO sector brings...Read more »

PTPI Europe and GCN Update

Dear PTPI-Europe members and extended members, We are contacting you today to let you know the status of the overall PTPI organization and the European region. For the last few years, y...Read more »

Youth Chapter Update, Roman, Romania – the Bees

Youth Chapter Update, Roman, Romania – the Bees Our Youth Chapters find many ways to engage their community. In this case, the opportunity to see what musical skills you do alrea...Read more »

Job Fair – PTPI Youth Romania

Are you indecisive about your dream career? Do you want to learn more about your future job possibilities? Our project entitled “What do you want to Bee?” may have some answers for ...Read more »

Thank you

We’ve had some tough times over the last year, but we soldier on! We’re proud of our volunteers for stepping up and keeping chapters going. For all our volunteers at PTPI &#...Read more »


PTPI EUROPE joins GivingTuesday- the biggest celebration of generosity. Each year in November we join the global celebration of Giving Tuesday through which we aim to provide funding fo...Read more »

Youth Chapter, Varna, Bulgaria local community support

Posted Nov 3rd on Instagram – PTPI Youth Chapter, Varna, Bulgaria: ptpi_thedolphins Last Sunday, we dolphins and other good people joined the initiative to the Temple of St. Archa...Read more »

Project news – Tallinn, Estonia Chapter

Community Chapter, Tallinn, Estonia EESTI PEOPLE TO PEOPLE LTTA in the frame of Erasmus+ strategic partnership project “Positive emotional life for active aging” in sunny Bo...Read more »

Volunteer prize in Varna, Bulgaria

ptpi_thedolphins The essence of being a volunteer is to do something good, free of charge, without expecting anyone to notice or receive anything in return. Our friends at @time.heroes ...Read more »

Romania – Bulgaria Homestay, Summer 2022

Youth Chapter update – Varna, Bulgaria ptpi_the dolphins This summer, between August 15 and 22, three representatives of the Bees Romania 🐝 came to a homestay here in Varna. We...Read more »

Youth, the Bees, Romania “Treasure Hunt” competition 21 August, 16hrs

PTPI Youth Chapter (the Bees), Roman Romania Following the series of activities proposed this summer, PTPI is organizing a new edition of the “Treasure Hunt” competition. It will ta...Read more »

PTPI European Council Meeting, Zoom, 19 September @17hrs CET

Dear PTPI friends and colleagues, This year, the PTPI European Council Meeting will take place online (via Zoom) on Saturday 17 September,17:00 CET (Central European Time). The Counci...Read more »

Update: PTPI Tallinn, Estonia

Eesti People to People Aleksandra, Arina, Darja, Diana, Leila, Valeria, Roman and Aleksandr took part in the Erasmus+ KA1 project “Active Citizenship Through Diversity” on ...Read more »

US, Belgium and Romania dine together

Dinner in the EU District of Brussels 1 July 2022. PTPI US, Belgium and Romania. Mike and Mary (left) were en route to Italy, from North Macedonia where they had participated in the Eur...Read more »

Message from Angel – Skopje, North Macedonia

Angel said – 5 days full of intensive energy exchange – EU Conference 21 to 24 June, 2022. I worked on the concept for this conference for almost 3 years and these past 4 mo...Read more »

Update: PTPI Youth Chapter, Roman, Romania

PTPI Youth Chapter, Roman, Romania: For those who bring a smile on our faces every day and remind us about the things that really matter, we want to dedicate some activities full of joy...Read more »

Youth in Romania planting for the future

PTPI – Youth Chapter, Roman, Romania Our hardworking youth volunteers planted over 100 flowers and 5 trees in Zăvoi Park, as part of the Bee Green project! We encourage you to fo...Read more »

Update Youth Chapter, Roman Romania

PTPI Youth Chapter, Roman, Romania: We’ve all heard of the famous Monopoly game, where you’re either the king of the game or you owe money to the bank. Our association gives...Read more »

Why there is no EEC meeting at our 2022 Conference

Dear members of the PTPI Europe community, I hope that you are all looking forward to this year’s conference in the wonderful North Macedonia. Angel and the team are very much loo...Read more »

Open Call Master Class “Data Management as a Career Option“ with Michael Hermida

People to People International- Europe invites young people from around the world to participate in the Master Class “Data Management as a Career Option“.  It will take place on Ap...Read more »

Project report – Skopje, North Macedonia

Angel Dimitrievski (PTPI Europe) Youth Worker and Program Coordinator- Association for Educational Development Ekvalis, Skopje, North Macedonia ekvalis It’s a wrap! 🎉 ✊🏽 ...Read more »

Youth in North Macedonia

Angel Dimitrievski Youth Worker and Program Coordinator- Association for Educational Development Ekvalis, Skopje, North Macedonia We held an alternative afternoon-local event with the ...Read more »

PTPI, Varna, Bulgaria – Youth Chapter

PTPI, Varna, Bulgaria Youth chapter – the Dolphins Day and night of museums and galleries… Sounds great, doesn’t it? It is even more wonderful to be a volunteer at such an eve...Read more »

PTPI, Katowice, Poland – Youth Chapter

PTPI, Katowice, Poland Youth Chapter This photo was taken back in 2014 and many of the faces are recognizable from more recent encounters, which is fantastic. This group had been servin...Read more »

Ekvalis, Skopje, North Macedonia

Angel Dimitrievski Youth Worker and Program Coordinator- Association for Educational Development 📚 With many gained experiences, knowledge and friendships, we close the first traini...Read more »

News from PTPI Africa

Update from PTPI Africa: Published by Newlove Bobson Atiso. We are very happy to share updates and photos about our chapter project with you. The project was organized on June 24, 2021,...Read more »

Internationalizing PTPI

The words/notes of Catharine W. Menninger. She was an active member of PTPI in the early years. From its inception, People to People was thought of as having an international character...Read more »
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