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Saturday 21 March, 2020 World Down’s syndrome day

Dear Parents, This is fun for all the family and just what we need at the moment. Saturday 21st March is World Down’s syndrome day.  You can show your support by wearing odd s...Read more »

2020 European Conference – COVID-19

Hello, members and friends of PTPI Europe. We are sure that the current global focus surrounding the coronavirus has not escaped your notice. Today, the EEC held an online meeting to re...Read more »

An important message from our World HQ about COVID-19

An important message from our World HQ about COVID-19: Dear Loyal People to People Ambassador, I wanted to take this opportunity, with the recent developments, to share our organization...Read more »

I have been fortunate enough to have travelled a life journey that commenced with me experiencing everything that the corporate world had to offer, and when I write everything, I mean &...Read more »

We are fully capable of doing so much more

People to People International has always believed in replacing cultural barriers with cultural understanding. #ptpi #globalcitizen If you think about ou...Read more »

European Conference – Skopje, North Macedonia September 2020

Conferences – September 2020 We are pleased that making connections with people from around the world is important to our members, and their friends. PTPI Regions offer a range of co...Read more »

António Guterres: Read the UN Secretary-General’s Davos speech in full

Thank you very much to all of you for being here. If I had to select one sentence to describe the state of the world, I would say we are in a world in which global challenges are mo...Read more »

Update from Chapter Interlaken, Switzertland

Year-end reunion on December 6, 2019: That evening 22 people gathered in the workshop of Daniel Rüegsegger, where 3 were from Zurich and 8 from Chapter Bern. There was seldom such a ha...Read more »

Get involved in your community and make the most of life in Brussels

Feeling like an insider instead of an outsider is the best thing that can happen to an expat living abroad. One way of stepping out of the bubble is by getting involved in your communit...Read more »

The Global Travel Podcast Channel

Well-travelled people who immerse themselves in the local culture, and environment and who engage with the people who live there. They have the skills to express their experiences throu...Read more »

Update: Katowice, Poland

On September 16 and 17, Professor Michael Hermida from the USA conducted a series of workshops in our high school. He is a retired researcher who worked for organizations such as NASA...Read more »

Supporting students and sharing PTPI expertise

Dear EEC and other interested parties, Following the wonderful conference in Plovdiv, I gave a series of short seminars on data management over two days at Janusz’s sch...Read more »

Mike and Mary Hermida visit to Europe

Dear friends, We just returned from Europe where we truly enjoyed our 3 weeks in Bulgaria and Poland. It was so great meeting all of you at the Plovdiv Conference. Mary and I thoroughly...Read more »

Asia-Pacific Conference – Nov 2019

Asia-Pacific Conference November 01, 2019 – November 03, 2019 Join us! RSVP: Monday, October 28, 2019 Final Balance Due: Monday, October 28, 2019 Member Fees: $400.00 Non-Member ...Read more »

Crazy people are never fatigued – The chapter’s trademark game

Another way that participants at this years European Conference managed to see more of the city, and some of its treasures, was to join a game. During this colourful activity, partic...Read more »

Dinner (Night of the Cultures) Plovdiv European Conference

As an alternative to a Chapter fair during the Council meeting, we hosted an evening of culture, in a very local Bulgarian restaurant. The first evening of our program was a no-host ...Read more »

Art-installation: Unity of PTPI chapters – Plovdiv Bulgaria

During the European conference this past September, the participants were invited to join an activity, which was both artistic and a summary of individuals beliefs. “The Art-In...Read more »

replacing cultural barriers with cultural understanding

People to People International has always believed in replacing cultural barriers with cultural understanding. Why? Because this is one of the ways to convert rigidity of habit, into co...Read more »

Estonia – Youth work PROmotion in social MEdia

Eesti People to People International Estonia members, participated in the training course in the frame of Erasmus+ KA1 project “Youth work PROmotion in social MEdia (PROME)” in Rzes...Read more »


The UN Secretary-General’s vision sets an imperative to ensure that a UN development system strongly emphasizes leadership, accountability, collaboration, efficiency and results as en...Read more »

Listening to people’s voices in Tanzania

Mobile and online surveys are inspiring a new focus on communications and advocacy for the United Nations in Tanzania, where listening to people’s voices is a priority in our efforts ...Read more »

activists making Pride Month last the whole year round

Pride Month this year has been filled with landmark moments for LGBTI rights and celebrations of inclusivity. Botswana decriminalized gay sex, Ecuador approved same-sex marriage, and...Read more »

Estonia, hosted mid-term evaluation

Eesti – People to People International Estonia, hosted mid-term evaluation meeting of Erasmus+ project “Cultural regeneration: heritage of future generations” in Talli...Read more »

coming together to break down barriers

Through PTPI, individuals around the globe are coming together to break down barriers and celebrate diversity. As a global network of individuals pursuing knowledge and understanding of...Read more »

Berliners visit Mainz

June 2019 – Mainz, Germany – Nine members from the Berlin Chapter have been to Mainz (close to Frankfurt) to visit Wendy and Werner. Looks like everyone had a PTPI time in t...Read more »

In memory of Len Tharney

In memory of Len Tharney, the Greater Trenton PTPI Chapter (US) is making a donation in Len’s name to support a PTPI Youth Engagement Initiative. Len was the President of the Grea...Read more »

Skopje – here is what we are doing

Dear all, PTPI Skopje will organise a number of educational activities from a PTPI Chapter Grant. We expect to have an active period in the upcoming months. Here are some of the activ...Read more »

News from Team Africa

Clinton Ikechukwu Ezeigwe – President, People to People International Nigeria We are a vast network of chapters. While chapters are autonomous, PTPI offers a variety of progr...Read more »

An opportunity to fund our growth

An opportunity to fund the growth of PTPI’s European Conference for all members of PTPI, with the purpose of affirming PTPI’s brand and connecting members around the world. Peop...Read more »

We need your help with communications 

The way that our chapters know what is going on, is that we share information with them about what we are doing. We can only tell people what we are doing if you tell us what you are do...Read more »
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