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We will share news and stories from our active chapters on this page. We estimate that we have 25 active chapters in our Region and will seek to validate this further in 2021. If you would like our electronic newsletter, you must register your email address here.

Youth in North Macedonia

Angel Dimitrievski Youth Worker and Program Coordinator- Association for Educational Development Ekvalis, Skopje, North Macedonia We held an alternative afternoon-local event with the ...Read more »

PTPI, Varna, Bulgaria – Youth Chapter

PTPI, Varna, Bulgaria Youth chapter – the Dolphins Day and night of museums and galleries… Sounds great, doesn’t it? It is even more wonderful to be a volunteer at such an eve...Read more »

PTPI, Katowice, Poland – Youth Chapter

PTPI, Katowice, Poland Youth Chapter This photo was taken back in 2014 and many of the faces are recognizable from more recent encounters, which is fantastic. This group had been servin...Read more »

Ekvalis, Skopje, North Macedonia

Angel Dimitrievski Youth Worker and Program Coordinator- Association for Educational Development 📚 With many gained experiences, knowledge and friendships, we close the first traini...Read more »

News from PTPI Africa

Update from PTPI Africa: Published by Newlove Bobson Atiso. We are very happy to share updates and photos about our chapter project with you. The project was organized on June 24, 2021,...Read more »

Internationalizing PTPI

The words/notes of Catharine W. Menninger. She was an active member of PTPI in the early years. From its inception, People to People was thought of as having an international character...Read more »

International Children’s Day event, PTPI Klina, Kosovo

1 June 2021, International Children’s Day event, PTPI Klina, Kosovo: The groups of volunteers our organization have organized educational games for International Children’s...Read more »

PTPI Reception at the White House – 1969

White House Reception: During 1969 another effort was made to find a design for a People to People overall structure which would permit all the still active national committees and th...Read more »

Executive committee notes March 1968

In 1967, the Educational Services introduced new programs to attract younger members: People to People Teen Club for high school seniors and People to People Youth Club for junior high ...Read more »

Bob Hope received the 1966 People to People NDS Award

Catharine W. Menninger was an active member of PTPI in our early years. She wrote various reports about the organization. Here is another one ...Read more »

Catharine W. Menninger was an active member of PTPI

Catharine W. Menninger was an active member of PTPI in our early years. She wrote various reports about the organization. Here is one of her commentaries: The National Council of Peo...Read more »

Extract from an old document of PTPI history

Offices: After the headquarters was moved to Kansas City, the main office was maintained, courtesy of Hallmark Foundation at 2401 Grand Avenue until that Buildng was torn down. In Octo...Read more »

Update Youth Chapter Klina, Kosovo

Global Youth Service Day Young people from Klina planted 100 flowers in Klina City Park. The activity aimed to educate young people about the natural environment and be aware of the co...Read more »

The best NGO no one has ever heard about

There have been many times that folks have said “PTPI is the best NGO no one has ever heard about”. Why is that? Are we too busy running projects in our local community t...Read more »

The environment our projects and our community

Together with the environment, projects and initiatives of People to People International have always been important for our communities. We have set up a PTPI Europe Forest in partners...Read more »

Council Office – Regular Reports

Hello PTPI Network, Please find below a report about what we have been up to in recent weeks. raised close to 1400 euro in funding 300 euro grant given to Tanzania for a local pr...Read more »

We work with people that work with people

We are a network of people, that work with local people to support people in their communities. People to People International Members – We make friends everywhere we go, it’s our ...Read more »

Friendship over Politics – Youth initiative

It is often said that the youth will change the world far faster, for the better. Youth do not feel held back by some of the unwritten rules that seem to dominate much of current politi...Read more »

Online meeting in the frame of Erasmus+

Online meeting in the frame of Erasmus+ strategic partnership project “FinanciaLit4Women: Improving financial literacy for NEET women through game-based learning”. Partners ...Read more »

Coffee Powwow – coffee morning

Join us for a virtual chat with the beverage of your choice. The pandemic has seen us zoom closer together – Register here> We meet every second Thursday, 10h00 to 11h15. People j...Read more »

We all smile in the same language

People to People International exists to create lasting cultural connections between everyday citizens so they can connect with global and local issues, enrich their communities and bec...Read more »

PTPI Europe Annual Report 2020

Here you can read the text without any of the images. Replacing cultural barriers • Making efforts that influence person to person experiences in the locations where our chapters th...Read more »

PTPI Denmark – Activities 2020

Visiting the Gambia – February Thea Lauridsen: I am the project manager for an initiative that is educating women over 18 years old, who have never gone to school. Under the aus...Read more »

PTPI Europe AGM – September 2020

Updates – News – Comments AGM 2020 – also sent by newsletter PTPI Europe – Annual General Meeting Dear officers and members of PTPI Europe, This is a reminder t...Read more »

All Swiss Chapter Meeting 2020

Zurich, Switzerland – August 8. At 10h15, 15 members of People to People International (seven former members of the Zurich Chapter), met at the main station to get to know the old...Read more »

PTPI Skopje, North Macedonia Community Chapter

PTPI Skopje, North Macedonia Community Chapter was founded in 2013. North Macedonia has a population around two Milion, and the chapter is mostly working with young people aged 15 to 30...Read more »

Open Call: Micro grants – Youth 2020

PTPI Europe announces a 2020 call for chapter microgrants. The 2020 PTPI EU Conference has been postponed to 2021, however PTPI Europe is determined to support the various projects taki...Read more »

Youth led organizations access to support and funding

We are in a situation where we are one of the few NGOs that has almost no youth at the top of the organization. Our executive committee, trustee groups or boards – and almost all...Read more »


A study from the European Youth Forum warns about the diminishing civic space in Europe for young people and youth organisations in particular. In 17 out of 35 OECD Member countries, yo...Read more »

Young people and the future of work

RESILIENT GENERATIONS The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2020 reveals “resilient generations” in the face of the health and economic crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Accor...Read more »
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