YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS to People to People International-Europe help make a lasting impact and empower our network of changemakers. We are an active voice in creating and sustaining a more peaceful world.

Thanks to your charitable support, People to People International-Europe is empowering our European network.  Grants and gifts have helped our communities achieve the following outcomes in Europe:

  • Adults supporting young people with ADHD and other learning complications have been provided with training through a key partner, ADHD Family Resources
  • Our humanitarian partner, Serve the City have been supported to acquire a new large van.  This was made possible through the generosity of two key business partners, Toyota Motor Europe and UPS
  • A number of community projects were supported through a fund development program, which raised 30,000 euro. A major element of this program was focused on refugees, the elderly and children in need
  • Our European Youth Forum (EYF) is supporting young PTPI members in their quest for more skills.  We support our youth as they travel to work with our faculty in Belgium, Macedonia or Bulgaria – and on their return to their home chapter
  • We have a platform for budding entrepreneurs and people wanting to test out a workshop or idea, to be supported and receive feedback
  • There are a range of youth activities supporting young people through local Scouting, youth chambers of commerce, and mentoring
  • A number of human and civil rights workshops have been delivered, through our chapter network

There is so much to be done everywhere you look. There are many organizations, associations and opportunities that would benefit from more help. It is not always about money, but money does help to pay for all the much-needed resources.

PTPI is making every effort to be a connecting NGO allowing many opportunities to contribute, and support the many needs that communities have.  Remember, doing what we can, is preferable to doing nothing at all.  Our community is better off when we are all doing what we can.

If you would like to learn more, please do contact us.