2023 poses challenges for both PTPI Europe and PTPI globally. With the problems of World Headquarters in Kansas City (student travel section), USA, the global organization must move from a mainly centralized organization to a more autonomous and distributed organization. 

We are working to structure PTPI into a Chapter Network (CN) consisting of three super regions with a volunteer based Global Coordination Center (GCC). The GCC is intended to provide cross-region communication and interaction and will be operational from January 2024. 

PTPI Europe would be located within the Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) region. Full Regional information here>

The full transition period is anticipated to span years 2023 and 2024. During this time the existing PTPI Europe governance structure must be maintained to support ongoing chapter activities, while a new General Assembly (GA) based governance structure is put in place and roles defined and filled. As in the past, members can volunteer to fulfill governance roles, and member voting is required to elect people to these positions.

The remainder of this web page is broken into two sections: 1) current PTPI Europe governance roles and possible model for the EMEA region; 2) Global Coordination Center governance roles.

Please nominate people for one of the roles shown below, or even volunteer yourself. You need no more than two hours each month – this must be possible for some of our community! 

Contact us:

PTPI Europe governance structure leading into the GCC format from January 2024

There is an Administrative Board, a European Executive Committee (EEC), and some support groups governing PTPI Europe. This governance structure has a number of positions to be filled with volunteers that are willing to serve during the transition period, and possibly into the GCC era. It is a great opportunity for our youth members to learn and gain experience in running an organization. 

Administrative Board – the legal entity (Est. 1970, updated 2015)

This section will be updated in January 2024 when the new statutes are delivered, and our International NGO is live. We may also take the opportunity to move the governance sections as a section under the regional headings, and just keep the global team here. 
Director-general – Chalks Richard Corriette, Belgium
Treasurer – Hannelore Buchler, Germany
Secretary – Rolf Dahlberg, Sweden
Finance officer (day-to-day admin) – Julie Mason, Belgium
Web master – Victor Vilceanu – Romania
IT Support – Nicolas Dupont, Belgium
Strategic communications – Corinne Foster, UK
Youth advisor – Angel Dimitrievski, North Macedonia
Erasmus & sustainability advisor – Carlo Sanna, Sardinia 

European Executive Committee (EEC) 

  • Strategic vision and leadership 
  • With chapter leadership creates plans for functions and activities  
  • Appoint committees, assigns tasks, and monitor committees’ progress and deliverables 
  • Support fundraising and organization visibility 
  • Records and distributes meeting minutes 
  • Provide information and media for chapter website 
  • Maintain a notebook with all regional/ chapter activities and documentation 
  • Create semi-annual chapter activity and annual membership reports 
Vice Treasurer 
  • Develop an annual budget with the President 
  • Manage fundraising projects 
  • Monitor the financial activities of the region and the dues collection 
  • Present a financial report at executive and membership meetings 
Youth Coordination Officer  
  • Be the voice for youth chapters as a region executive 
  • Apply for government grants 
  • Promote youth conference scholarships  
  • Assists youth chapters in defining and planning activities and projects 
Communications Officer 


  • Work with chapters to generate online content that engages regional audience segments  
  • Put communications vehicles in place to create momentum and awareness 
  • Manage the development, distribution, and maintenance of all print and electronic collateral 
  • Coordinate webpage maintenance  
  • Manage all media contacts 


EEC Support Groups 

Group Type  RESPONSIBILITIES  Volunteer 
General Support 
  • Treasurer 
  • Auditor 
  • Communications 
Thea Lauridsen 

Hannelore Büchler 

Ema Vrinceanu (Global)

Operations Group (Hub/Office – Brussels) 
  • Podcasting & Entrepreneurship 
  • Mentoring & Workshops 
  • Funding  
  • Technology 
John di Stefano 


Andy Whittle 

Daniel Schaubacher 

Chalks Corriette 

Advisory Group     Ernst Honneger (CH) 

Heather Excel (UK) 

Verena Denk (DE) 

Valeria Magistrelli (IT) 

Michael Hermida (USA)

In past years at our Conference, we voted in a new EEC. In these days of great technology, it makes more sense to move our Council meetings online via Zoom. This allows everyone to participate and have a say, not just those attending the conference.  

Global Coordination Center (2024 and beyond) governance 

Steering Group – Global Leadership Team
Mary Jean Eisenhower, Representing the Eisenhower Foundation KC 

Global Chair
  • Global level legal and insurance items 
  • Coordinate with Global Region officers all cross-region activities and projects 
  • Create a well-branded, transparent image that fosters trust with our partners and stakeholders 
  • Promote the organization internationally to recruit major donors  
  • Work with the Vice Treasurer and Region officers to disburse donations 
Trey Ragsdale 


Global Secretary 
  • Records and distributes global meeting minutes 
  • Provide information and media for global website 
  • Create an annual global membership report 
Global Vice Treasurer 
  • Manage global level donations and disbursements 
  • Develop an annual budget with the President for global activities 
  • Propose and monitor fundraising projects 
  • Present an organization wide financial report at end of year and meetings 
Ernst Honegger 


Global Youth Officer  
  • Work with all region youth officers to address concerns and share experiences and activities  
  • Apply for government grants 
  • Promote cross-region youth gatherings 
  • Create a cross-region youth board to enhance the value of PTPI membership 
Demba Kandeh (the Gambia) 
Global Communications Officer 


  • Work with regional communications officers to generate online content that engages a global audience 
  • Manage the development, distribution, and maintenance of all print and electronic collateral 
  • Manage all global media contacts 
Sally Tipper 


Global Member Officer 
  • Monitor membership and chapter counts globally 
  • Be a resource to members  
  • Assist in arranging cross-region homestays 
  • Promote recruitment of chapters 
Michael Hermida (USA) 
Global Operations Officer 
  • Prepare and submit an annual operational budget for review and approval,  
  • Manage all activities and staff involved in running the global office 
  • Evaluate software, machines, and other equipment required in the office 
Chalks Corriette (Belgium)
Regional Officer (3) 
  • Be the liaison between a region’s executives and the Global executives 
  • Provide feedback to global executives regarding regional issues, concerns, accomplishments, etc. 
  • Inform region executives of any decisions and actions at the global level that affects their region.  
  • Work with the region executives to enhance PTPI’s effectiveness 
Americas: Ruth Allen (USA) 


Asia: Ruriko Nakajima (Japan) 




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