EU Conference 2018 – Poland

Join us this year at PTPI’s European Conference in Katowice- Poland (September 6-9).

Our Student Chapter in Katowice hosted the European Conference in 2011. One hundred nineteen participants came from thirteen countries. The students from Katowice are again excited to welcome PTPI friends from all over the world. While you enjoy their hospitality, exciting program, delicious food and unique culture, you will also have a chance to reconnect with PTPI friends from all across Europe and beyond.

We are pleased that making connections with people from around the world is important to our members, and their friends. PTPI Regions offer a range of conferences that are inclusive of all ages. Join us, as we experience different cultures, make connections, learn something new, and gain valuable intercultural skills.
At People to People International we have always believed in replacing cultural barriers with cultural understanding.
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