An essential part of Society

Highlight on Citizenship
The President of the Parents Association, the lady who spends a little time with patients at the hospital, the scoutmaster, the secretary of the football club, all are volunteers. “We forget too often finds Gaëtane Convent, coordinator of the Platform Francophone for Volunteering. You do not realize that so much of our lives would not work without these volunteers. Without them, we would face shortages in the areas of health, sport, the environment, youth.”

In Belgium, the estimated number of volunteers is over a million and a half. There are nearly 700,000 people from the French Community that provide an average of seven hours of their time each week throughout the year. “Many volunteers go unnoticed, finds Gaëtane Convent, she states: Belgium is among the countries where civil commitment is important. And it has always been.”

By; Solange Berger

Originally posted on 05/12/2012 La
Chalks Corriette translated this small section for PTPI.

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