An opportunity to fund our growth

An opportunity to fund the growth of PTPI’s European Conference for all members of PTPI, with the purpose of affirming PTPI’s brand and connecting members around the world.

People to People International Europe hosts a Conference every year in early September.  Our next conference will take place in Plodiv Bulgaria.  An estimated 110 PTPI members will connect and participate in activities that foster closer relationships, gain a better understanding of other cultures, and create deeper conversations about global and local issues. 

In past years, the Conference has been well-attended by PTPI members from the United States as well as Europe.  The opportunity before us is to grow the number of PTPI international student members in attendance at each Conference.  In particular, we plan to financially assist those who otherwise would not be able to attend.  Our goal is to support students through scholarships.  We estimate this cost to be 3000 euro for 2019 and the same for 2020.  The implications of this are great and meaningful for our organization, the participants, and our ‘peace through understanding’ mission.

All participants will connect at the European Conference.  They will meet other PTPI members, learn more about our global and diverse chapters, and discover how they can become more deeply involved with their local or regional PTPI community. Chapters are the foundation of PTPI’s global network. While chapters are autonomous, PTPI offers a variety of programs to increase their ability to deliver purpose in their local communities. We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a base for consistency, and a common terminology to enhance communication in conversations with people from outside of our organization 

Chapters identify specific needs in their local or regional communities, then share those needs through the PTPI network.  With some funding support and amazing volunteers from the PTPI network, Chapters address local needs in real and tangible ways.

Bank: ING – Mechelsesteenweg 151, 1970, Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium
IBAN: BE24 3631 0760 1938

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Thank you for your support – it is very much appreciated.