As we change into a Chapter Network only NGO

There is much to think about as we go from the former structure of to the new structure of an informal PTPI Chapter Network.
Here some important considerations from the experts to guide us:

Management of change is vital for several reasons, including:

Adapting to market changes: Companies, and NGOs, need to adapt to changing market conditions to remain competitive. Effective management of change allows organizations to quickly identify and respond to these changes, ensuring they remain relevant and profitable.

Ensuring employee/volunteer engagement: Change can be disruptive and cause anxiety among employees/volunteers. Effective management of change helps to ensure that people are engaged and invested in the change process, which can help to reduce resistance and increase acceptance.

Managing risk: Change can introduce new risks to an organization. Effective management of change helps to identify and mitigate these risks, ensuring that the organization is able to navigate the change process safely and effectively.

Promoting innovation: Change can also provide opportunities for innovation and growth. Effective management of change encourages innovation and creativity, enabling organizations to develop new products, services, and business models that can improve their bottom line.

In summary, effective management of change is vital because it enables organizations to adapt to changing market conditions, engage employees/volunteers, manage risk, and promote innovation. Failure to manage change effectively can result in lost opportunities, decreased productivity, and reduced profitability.