Berlin, Germany – Bridge of Friendship

People to People International Community Chapter Berlin
We are a politically and religiously neutral and non-governmental association based in Berlin.

Our main ideal goals are:
– Cultivating contacts between members of different peoples and thus getting to know other cultures, customs and mentalities.

– Making friendships with family stays (so-called “homestays”) and national and international events such as conferences, seminars, etc.

– Promoting mutual understanding, tolerance and the highest and most demanding goal of peace in the world.

To this end, we meet monthly first Friday at 18:00 in the restaurant “Blueberry” at Heidelberger Platz 1 in 14197 Berlin. Guests are welcome.

The Pledge of People To People International
I want to offer the hand of friendship to people without regard to race, nationality or religion.

I want to seek opportunities to meet other cultures, to become involved in international projects and programs of mutual interest.

I want to develop an appreciation of many ethnic groups that are part of People to People International.
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