Council Office – Regular Reports

Hello PTPI Network,

Please find below a report about what we have been up to in recent weeks.

raised close to 1400 euro in funding

300 euro grant given to Tanzania for a local project

100 euro grant given to Kenya for a local project

250 euro micro-grant given to Youth chapter, Klina, Kosovo for a chapter project

We will post updates about the above projects with details.

Our technology tools have been paid for with some of the funding raised.

This means that we have covered our costs for the Village and Zoom channels.

Our current funding channels are Social Media, private contributions and Benevity. Companies such as Google and Apple use the Benevity umbrella so that employees can donate small amounts of Charity Bonuses to projects that are described inside the Benevity project tool. NGOs have to be invited and approved to describe projects in the Benevity tool. PTPI Europe was invited by Google.

The rules for using the funding is getting tighter year on year. Funds have to be used within the Region to which they were donated. The funds must not be used for anything political, religious or unlawful.

Website update. We received reports that some aspects of our website were not working well. The problem areas were with connections to the WHQ site. It appears that the Global site was hacked – they are working on that and regular service should be resumed very soon.

Should you have any questions, please do contact us

If you want to share what you are doing with our Network, please do send us the information – we will do the rest.

Yours in Understanding