Dinner (Night of the Cultures) Plovdiv European Conference

As an alternative to a Chapter fair during the Council meeting, we hosted an evening of culture, in a very local Bulgarian restaurant.

The first evening of our program was a no-host dinner in the restaurant “Yujen Polah”. In the spirit of being united, even though our cultural and/or ethnical backgrounds differ, we decided that learning about diverse traditions and customs, whilst making friends and discovering, would be a great way to build an unbreakable bridge towards each other for many more years to come.

With that being said, we kindly ask of you to prepare a 3-5-minute act to present your country. The only limit is your imagination. Whether your chapter chooses to share a fairytale that your grandmother told you as a kid, an interesting adventure that you had in your motherland, a traditional dance, play, song or even a custom that is performed and you find exceptional about your country, we would absolutely adore witnessing your performance.