Do you want to see the world with PTPI Denmark?

Or do you want a breath of fresh air from the outside world into your living room?

So it’s a good idea to become a member of People to People International.

We travel out to visit the big world. And it happens that we have visitors from out there, that would like to see, how we live and our daily life with work, laundry, electricity bill, worries and joys …

In good time

The People to People get a combination of cultural and educational travels and active holiday. We are preparing for trips well in advance, because we do it in their spare time. As a rule, we plan 2-3-4 years into the future.
We work with professional travel agents as Top Travel. They are our technical tour operator, so we are covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund.
Throughout processed, we are in close contact with the People to People in the country we want to visit. And together we plan the stay.

Get on the list!

That we are in time also means that we write the travel bug lists by now, as they sign up for the trips. A year or so before we have to leave, you will be asked if you are still interested in traveling with us. Only then should you take the final decision!

We make a difference

People to People travels differs from most others in two respects:
There is always a Danish tour guide from start to finish.
The tour leader is also the one who had the idea for the trip, planned and taken all agreements and therefore know the journey in detail.

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