Executive committee notes March 1968

In 1967, the Educational Services introduced new programs to attract younger members: People to People Teen Club for high school seniors and People to People Youth Club for junior high school students. These clubs were to be sponsored by chapters and must have a minimum of 10 members. They were to be supervised by adults from the chapter.

Mr. Doty reported to the executive committee that as of March 1968, there were 99 chapters in 23 states, 15 overseas chapters and affiliated entities and 10,000 members-at-large. Homestays were provided to 561 people. Community chapters were being encouraged to work with chapters on college and university campuses and also to sponsor youth groups either as part of or associated with the adult chapters.

By November 1968, the National Council had become a self-perpetuating body that was not truly representative of the chapter membership. The People to People executive committee voted to take over the functions of the council. It then charged headquarters with the responsibility of encouraging and sponsoring state or regional associations of chapters for increased exchange of ideas and greater participation by members and chapters.

The words of Catharine W. Menninger. She was an active member of PTPI in the early years.