Imagination Club

The Imagination Club is a group dedicated to experimentation in life-long learning and training.

We provide facilitators and trainers with a platform for experimenting with new ideas, new techniques and new concepts with a receptive, intelligent and incredibly good-looking audience (like you). Facilitators get a chance to see how their ideas work in practice and get great audience feedback afterwards, using Andy’s and Jeffrey’s proven, three question feedback method.

For the audience, each workshop is an opportunity to try out taste new ideas and experiment with those ideas in interactive exercises which most workshops include (we highly recommend them). Workshops are just 90 minutes long − perfect for tasting new ideas. But not too long if you decide it is not your cup of tea.

The Imagination Club was established by Andy Whittle and Jeffrey Baumgartner in Brussels so long ago that neither one of them can remember exactly when it all started, though it might have been 2006.

Facilitators range from experienced professionals working globally to inexperienced people wanting to try out their skills and include everyone in between. But do not be put off by facilitators with little experience. Sometimes their workshops are more awesome than the professionals’!