News, Information and Membership update

Dear PTPI Community,

We’re excited to share some important updates with you! Starting May 1st, we are transitioning to a new membership system, marking a significant step towards a centralized membership portal. This change means we will be closing this Mailchimp newsletter. Future communications will be exclusively through our new membership portal.

Due to stringent privacy regulations, we need you to manually register in the new system (details below). Your participation is vital and voluntary. Please join us in this exciting transition to continue our journey together.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to our community. Your involvement is what makes PTPI so special.

Warm regards,
PTPI Admin Team
Brussels, Belgium

People to People International – AISBL
For ease of communication and instruction, we shall use bulleted points. Trust that this works for you. Should you have any questions at all, please do contact us.

  1. We have been focused on the transition from an HQ that was US based to one now located in Europe (Belgium)
  2. The statutes took longer to complete than expected and we are now ready
  3. We shall use a membership portal powered by Raklet
  4. Here, all membership services, communications, shop, chat, fund development will be centralised
  5. We shall, during the month of April, transition all other tools into Raklet and shut down the other portals
  6. This one stop membership community portal will make life much more efficient for our memebrs and volunteer Admin team
  7. NOTE: We need each member to register through the new portal and select their membership level (these will be listed below)
  8. Please follow the online prompts and please do scroll down the whole screen to check that all data has been eneterd and to check for messages
  9. The membership portal will send conformation emails/messages. During our testing these end up in spam as your security settings will detect new incoming messages from Raklet <> for example
  10. It is important that our services are as self-service as possible to support the fact that we will operate in a new structure that is pure volunteer led

Membership options

Ambassador – Elite Advocacy Membership: A prestigious membership tier for esteemed individuals who, due to personal circumstances, may not actively utilize all PTPI features but are passionate advocates for PTPI’s mission and vision.

€110.00 Yearly

Collaborate – Local Chapter Group Membership: Ideal for groups of members united under a local PTPI chapter.

€50.00 Yearly

Engage – Chapter Membership: Designed for active members who are part of a local PTPI chapter and participate regularly in chapter events.

€10.00 Yearly

Connect – Individual At-Large Membership: Suited for individuals familiar with PTPI’s values and mission who are not in proximity to an active chapter.

€10.00 Yearly

Empower – Youth Chapter Membership: Specifically designed for younger members, typically students or early career individuals, who are part of a PTPI Youth Chapter.

€0.00 OneTime

Discovery – Ideal for new members just starting their journey with PTPI.

€0.00 OneTime

You can find the membership registration here: