Newsletter – 20 May

We genuinely hope that these past few weeks of confinement have been kind to you, your family and community. Being cooped up for such a long time can play havoc with peoples mental-health. There is much thought being given to how we deal with issues when confinement is relaxed. If anyone in our community needs someone to speak with, please do reach out to your local services. Do also feel that you can contact us in EU HQ. We have several people in our network that are good listeners.

European Executive Committee (EEC)
Our EEC President Kaloyan Stoyanov would have completed his first two-year term this September. As we will not be meeting this year, we shall need to host our AGM via Zoom and vote for our next President.
If you wish to run for EEC President, please contact us with your nomination. Rolf Dahlberg of our Administrative board will prepare the nomination slate. We will agree on the date and send connection details via our newsletter and place the details on our website

All required documents will be placed in our document library for you to download at least 10 weeks before the AGM in September.

We are here to serve. If you have comments or questions, please do contact us.

The year seems to roll around quite quickly, and we should have paid our 2020 dues in March. Very soon, World HQ will be sending out information about this years timetable. A reminder for all European chapters, dues are paid into the EU HQ bank or PayPal account.

We hope that you have been able to visit our shop. You will see that there are a few products available. For now, these products are all virtual and relate either to conference participation and a range of donation options. We are ready to receive your products and services to be sold via the shop. Please contact us for more information about products and process.

The Village is a great place to share and read regular posts from our community. There is a range of subject channels including youth, education and Africa. There is also one language channel for German speakers. The Village is our private social media area with features allowing you to interact via your desktop, or through the mobile app. It takes a Community to Raise a Village.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

There are regular news items posted each week here on our website.

Your EEC