Open Call: Micro grants – Youth 2020

PTPI Europe announces a 2020 call for chapter microgrants. The 2020 PTPI EU Conference has been postponed to 2021, however PTPI Europe is determined to support the various projects taking place in our region.

Each chapter can apply for a microgrant that will cover up to 250 euro of costs. All projects should be aligned with one or more SDG’s. Read more about the SDG’s here>

There are various things to consider.

1. It can be a project for the PTPI Youth themselves or for their community
2. We need the project to be aligned with the UN SDG’s
3. Projects implementation should be no more than 6 months with a starting date on September 15
4. We would appreciate a one-page summary letting us know what you want to do. Please download the application form for the micro-grants
5. We will provide a micro-grant of up to €250 once the EEC has approved your project
6. Once the project is delivered, we need an image and a small write-up about the delivery and benefit, because we have to put this in the accounting for the grants
7. The microgrants can support funding related to working materials, venues, expenses related to speakers, workshops experts, local transportation and visibility expenses (such as sponsoring posts on social media) according to the project needs.

It is important to us that we keep our Youth engaged and help them to be leaders in their local communities. We will have sufficient budget to support Youth participation at the European conference in 2021. We are always on the lookout for partners to help us deliver more Youth engagement.

The supported completed projects through the microgrants program can be presented at our European Council Meeting, if we receive applications next year from the same chapters for PTPI EU Conference scholarships.

Your project can be presented to an international audience, which is a good opportunity to grow your media skills.

You can apply for the microgrants by submitting an application. If you need help during the construction of your project idea, please contact us at

We are extremely proud of everything the young people of PTPI deliver. It is our aim to do more and to showcase more of what you are capable of doing.