PTPI Europe and GCN Update

Dear PTPI-Europe members and extended members,

We are contacting you today to let you know the status of the overall PTPI organization and the European region. For the last few years, you have heard little from our World Headquarters (WHQ) in the USA – this frustration resulted in a significant reduction globally in the number of members and chapters. In the last year, financial problems at WHQ are now jeopardizing its continuance as a centralized hub for PTPI. Many of our members are wondering how this will impact them, particularly in the European region as it has been the most active.

While the situation at WHQ is unfortunate, it offers an exciting opportunity. Although progress has been a little slow, a few members of the European region (consulting with the others) have begun working on a plan to replace the current centralized organization with a collaborative, multi-region organization. This concept, called the Global Chapter Network (GCN), is not entirely a new idea. It was reviewed by PTPI WHQ several years ago. In Europe the organization would still be People to People International – Europe, at least for the foreseeable future.

Future for Europe
To move this forward we are asking for your help. We need volunteers to serve in important roles to administer the European region during this transition phase, as well as to define and administer matters under the future GCN. The reason for the focus on Europe is that it is currently the only operational region (the US are gathering momentum), so we are starting here before fully addressing the others.

The website,, shows the volunteer roles that we would like you to consider. If you are not able to volunteer now, please consider participating on one or more committees to:
• gather and study members’ thoughts and ideas on how the European region should operate
• further define the GCN and put policies in place for its administration and operation with other regional members
• explore ways to raise funds to support chapter activities and GCN development
• recover closed chapters and recruit new ones

(Please note there will be additional material added to our website from time-to-time and we are also adding regional sections.)

We believe the transition phase may last until June 2024, after which the GCN HQ’d in Europe would be fully operational.

We are keen to continue chapter activity while this organization restructuring is underway. Chapters do wonderful things within and around their communities and countries, and we must continue our humanitarian, social, cultural and educational projects and activities to maintain a positive impact on those around us. Strong two-way communication will be key during the transition phase, so we encourage you to get in touch.

If you have any questions, please contact Chalks Corriette and more information will
be added to the website as we progress.

Thanks to:
Michael Hermida – for drafting this note
Corinne Foster – for editorial updates

Important Note:
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