PTPI, Imo State Nigeria Chapter

The impact of poor sanitation, poor water quality and supply, and inappropriate hygienic behavior is known to be disastrous for infants and young children, and is a significant cause of death among children under 5 years-old. Known as the WASH in Schools program, the PTPI, Imo State Nigeria Chapter carried out a influential sanitation workshop with parents and teachers at Central School Umuakagu Nsu to help them understand the importance of appropriate hygienic behavior and serve as role models for the children. The purpose of their WASH in Schools program -‘I Wash My Hands’- is to improve the health and learning performance of school-aged children and their families by reducing the disease and illness that result from poor water and sanitation.

“We believe that by involving families and communities in WASH in Schools intervention, it will help promote a sense of ownership, which is necessary for sustainability and ensures that children apply their knowledge at home. WASH in Schools is a pathway to healthier schools and healthier, better performing children.” – PTPI, Imo State Nigeria Chapter