Report – Maria Taga, Roman, Romania

PTPI Roman Chapter had a few important projects in 2016:

1. “Christmas project” was a project over five consecutive days. Members from our Roman Chapter spent time with children from the “Love and Hope” center. This project had three different steps.  We helped the children decorate their center, we made Christmas decorations together and, at the end, Santa Claus came to give them gifts. The gifts consisted of new school supplies and sweets  donated by our members.
2. Creepy costumes, haunted party, fun and music at the Haunted House Halloween Party. Our chapter organized a Haunted House Halloween Party as an opportunity to celebrate Halloween, to have fun and raise money. At the party, we met the scariest characters from history, literature, and the movies. All of our members had to be dressed up, and they had the chance to participate in a “Scary Contest” where we gave awards to three winners.
3. The first day of June is also the day specially dedicated to our inner child, thus to our soul.  Waiting with excitement for this moment, the student members of our Roman Chapter organized on 29 May, an event in our local park where they played childhood games and offered face painting sessions, balloons and sweets to the children that were spending a Sunday afternoon with their parents in the park.
4. When spring finally arrived, with the light and warmth of the sun, the Roman Chapter decided to celebrate the revival of the nature. We gathered on that beautiful day and after hard work, ambition and strong will, we planted 50 saplings which will grow and make our city a better place and our lives safer.