Report – Varna, Bulgaria

Ivana Nikolaeva – “The Dolphins” Varna, Bulgaria:

This student community are active all-year round.
We have selected a few items to share with you and trust that is OK.

September FunCity+ Festival – organizing logical games and interviewing people on the topic “Life in Varna – Opportunities for YOUngsters”

Campaign to attract new chapter members, beach cleaning and Teambuilding.

November – Campaign for the national day of Enlighters (1st) – organizing thematical games, questionnaires, raising awareness among the local community. We also visited a local dog shelter.

December – Christmas campaign, aiming to help the Medico-social center. They work with children and youngsters with disabilities and malformations. Selling handmade Christmas cards; The Dolphins took part in four Christmas bazaars in three different cities. 5 December, a celebration for the Day of the Volunteer – “The Dolphins” won the prize “Best Youth Organisation 2016”!