Romania – Bulgaria Homestay, Summer 2022

Youth Chapter update – Varna, Bulgaria

ptpi_the dolphins
This summer, between August 15 and 22, three representatives of the Bees Romania 🐝 came to a homestay here in Varna.
We welcomed them into our homes and this week we tried to show them the beauty of the city we live in. 😊🌞 From the hot Varna beaches to the cool forest near the surrounding villages. 🌊🌳

From the bustling pedestrian alleys of the city to the peaceful views of the city from the Galata neighborhood. 🌅 We invested a lot of positive emotions, learned a lot of new things together and shared wonderful unforgettable moments!

These friendships will be a lasting bond between PTPI’s young chapters! 🇷🇴🇧🇬