The Global Travel Podcast Channel

Well-travelled people who immerse themselves in the local culture, and environment and who engage with the people who live there.

They have the skills to express their experiences through video, photography, writing or podcasts.

Our contributors are not defined by age but are defined by their passion for travel. They want to share this passion with a larger worldwide audience through the Global Travel Channel.

They are people who understand the power of collaboration, the reward of connection, and the artistry of creative diversity.

Our combined union to humanity is what bonds us on this journey as we continue to explore the amazing world in which we live.

Ex Global Corporate Executive, Founder of a Global Not for Profit Org, Philanthropist, Publisher, Author, Film Maker, Global Public Speaker, Endurance Athlete, Serial Traveller and now Podcaster.

The Global Travel Channel Podcast Shows aim is to inspire people to travel, a commitment that Mark Philpott upholds in every episode

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