Trust The People – Winter 2024 Course


15th January – 5th February 2024 (Monday evenings 18.00-20.30 UK time – GMT)

Great for the People to People International Community

How can we create enduring social change, and build connected, caring, resilient and democratic communities?

  Trust The People

Winter 2024 Course

A four week programme of interactive workshops, videos and reading

Trust The People is a grassroots community building movement, sharing democratic tools to help people support their communities in the face of global crises.

We have put together a free, online education course that course takes you through different aspects of community building – from connecting with people one to one, to running People’s Assemblies, which harness the wisdom and power of the community. The course spans across four weeks.

Each week, the session will be held on Monday 18.00-20.30 (GMT – UK time) 

 During the course you will have the chance to connect and share with your fellow course members.

After the course, you will be part of the TTP community and can gain support from others interested in putting the skills and ideas you have learnt into practice.

You can also become part of the TTP training team to pass on your skills and motivation.



We know that people-powered community action depends on human connection and breaking down silos between different groups that share the same goals.

Our network helps to bring together a range of people from organisations and projects focused on community building, democracy and the climate emergency, to share resources, hold brave conversations and provide invaluable support and opportunities to budding activists looking for somewhere to put their energies.

There are already hundreds of groups trying and testing new models – from food growing networks, to restorative justice, to citizens assemblies. So rather than reinventing the wheel we want to act as a ‘hub’ that can link people together and support a ‘movement of movements’.