Update from Chapter Interlaken, Switzertland

Year-end reunion on December 6, 2019:
That evening 22 people gathered in the workshop of Daniel Rüegsegger, where 3 were from Zurich and 8 from Chapter Bern. There was seldom such a happy and fidel group on this St. Niklaus evening !! Once more, Ruth Van der Loo gave us some of her patchwork creations as prices, and thanks to further donations from the board, we managed to play a remarkable lottery with five rounds in favor of “Hope for Haiti’s Kids”. In the end, we were able to present Thomas Roth Fr. 270.-. Many thanks to Ruth and the other donors, as well as Thomas, who takes the trouble every year to tell us the latest about this children’s aid organization in Switzerland for schooling and daily life needs of kids and their families in Haiti.