Update: PTPI Tallinn, Estonia

Eesti People to People

Aleksandra, Arina, Darja, Diana, Leila, Valeria, Roman and Aleksandr took part in the Erasmus+ KA1 project “Active Citizenship Through Diversity” on behalf of Eesti People to People NGO in Sinaia, Romania, from 26.04 till 04.05.2022.

Diana Mishina wrote:
During this project I met wonderful people from six countries – Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Greece and Romania. As it usually goes, we started a project with a few nice activities to get to know each other better, to learn names and get used to each other, to feel more comfortable with unknown people. Also, we received information from the project coordinator and facilitator about the topic and agenda in general.

The following days throughout the activities we developed skills like – public speaking, brainstorming, working in small and big teams, to build trust between us. We had a lot of energizers, which I will definitely use on other projects and implement them in my work.

Our final work on this project was to create a film for 3-4 min to show how we can be part of society and be more active citizens. Every team had 4-5 international participants, we exchanged our ideas, communicated with local people and were very creative. I really liked the activity “Mission Impossible” where we had to complete 17 tasks. We were split into teams and each team was given a specific task to accomplish, such as: compiling a list of everyone’s birthdays, designing the schedule of the project, making an anthem of the project, etc.

During the project we went on a hike to the mountains with the whole team, and visited Peles castle, the city center of Sinaia. Also, during the project, a local NGO visited us and shared their experience and projects they’ve been making so far. Every day we had intercultural nights and participants shared their traditional food, showed some videos about their countries and country dances.

To conclude, ACT-DIVE project in Sinaia, Romania, allowed me to meet new people, to know more about their culture and exchange ideas with them. This experience had great impact on me, and I am willing to share it with other youngsters from Estonia to promote Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges and to motivate them to come on upcoming projects.