Welcome to our community shop

A contribution to supporting our chapters to thrive – Our Shop

We are a European community of globally engaged citizens. Our focus is on making friends and understanding cultures – we aim to live together in peace. Our shop is filled with items and ideas developed by our amazing network of members. All profits are directed to social projects that improve our local communities.

Our operations team are based in Belgium and Romania. Products and gifts are made in many locations around the world. To learn more about our community shop, please do contact us>

Chapters are the foundation of PTPI’s global network. While chapters are autonomous, PTPI offers a variety of programs to increase their ability to deliver purpose in their local communities. We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a base for consistency, and to help understanding when we communicate with people from outside of our organization.

Chapters identify specific needs in their local or regional communities, then share those needs through the PTPI network. With some funding support and amazing volunteers from the PTPI network, Chapters address local needs in real and tangible ways.

Give people great experiences and they will, in turn, give their communities great experiences. Thus, our challenge is to develop an enabling environment lead by exceptional people for people.

People to People International-Europe asbl: being locally awesome is our goal.