Why there is no EEC meeting at our 2022 Conference

Dear members of the PTPI Europe community,

I hope that you are all looking forward to this year’s conference in the wonderful North Macedonia. Angel and the team are very much looking forward to hosting you and showing you what Skopje and the surrounding areas have to offer. I will be unable to join you this year because I have work commitments that I am unable to avoid at a critical time of our project. However, it will be important that we do have some chances to speak given that there are some changes coming our way.

At this conference there will be no European Council meeting. Since the pandemic there has been little activity that our EEC has been able to get their teeth into. Because we have a strong core team and the administrative board, we have been able to keep things going. We have also had the news that WHQ and the travel office of ECE will close. Due to the circumstances of the closure, there is unlikely to be any funds to carry on a WHQ type entity which would also carry some legal complications.

Way back in 2015 there was an idea to have an independent Global Chapter Network, able to operate with a coordination centre reporting into WHQ. What is being discussed now in parallel to the legal matters happening in the US is the possibility to implement this structure. It is a far less complicated set up and would require some work to agree the scope, governance and refined purpose. We may know a little more by the time you meet in Skopje in which case I will make sure that I am available for a Zoom call to answer any questions.

Once we are clear about what the new organisation will look like and the depth of it, we will be in a better position to understand what type of Executive Committee is required. Whatever happens there will be a lot of work to get the appropriate statutes, membership, collaborative context, and regional structures voted on.

I am completely convinced that the Global Chapter Network (GCN) will continue with the focus being on the most popular program deliverables from the past.
– Conferences (Regional/Global)
– Travel (Member driven)
– Homestay
– Youth Empowerment
– Global leadership
– Environment
– Community development
– Inclusion
– Awesome experiences
– Volunteering

Mary is working with us to be sure that we get the right connection to the Eisenhower family and/or the Foundation agreed. There are intellectual property considerations to take into account which we will know more about very soon. Europe is in a strong position given that we have been operating as an independent Region for quite some time – mirroring that success at a global level put us on a good track.

It is important that all channels of communications stay open and if you would like to speak with me here you will find a link to make an appointment . The system will look for an opening in my diary, slot you in and send you the Zoom link (the wonders of technology). However, if you have a burning need to get in touch – just pick -up the phone and call/Whats App +32.478.482023

Stay safe
Chalks Corriette
Administrative Board
PTPI Europe asbl