Youth Chapter Update, Roman, Romania – the Bees

Youth Chapter Update, Roman, Romania – the Bees

Our Youth Chapters find many ways to engage their community. In this case, the opportunity to see what musical skills you do already have was a great choice

Have you ever wanted to learn to play an instrument or learn to sing but didn’t know where to start or needed a tutor? If you are in this situation, this is your chance to learn!
PTPI organizes the perfect Music Workshop for those who want to discover new talents or improve their existing talents.

The workshops you can sign up for are:
🐝 Guitar
🐝 Bass
🐝 Drums
🐝 Piano
🐝 Voice

If we made you a little curious, we are waiting for you on 07/12/22 from 15h00 in the classroom of Roman Vodă high school to see if music is truly for you!

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