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    European Conference 2020 – Fees


    Living Library (the activity has optional humanitarian fee for the community service next day)
    Treasure Hunt, Lunch, Community Service with transportation and Dinner
    Council Meeting, Lunch, Gala Dinner
    Excursion to Canyon Matka, Guided Tour and lunch on site

    Not included in the conference fee: travel to and from Skopje, accommodation and own cost meals where indicated. Alcoholic drinks during lunches and dinners are not included.

    Optional Programs

    If you would like to sign up for one or more optional program(s), please indicate this below.

    1.Optional Programs at the European Conference

    Please indicate which activity are you planning to attend on Day 3, Morning:

    2.Post-conference tour optional programs

    Note: If you only take this tour you will be responsible for your way back to Skopje with public transportation Kratovo to Skopje. You will be advised on how to get to Skopje, but you can not use the group transportation as it will continue with the rest of the tour to Ohrid and Struga.

    Note: The Day 2 and Day 3 tour is taken as a joint tour as participants will be accommodated in one hotel and the visit of different cities/nearby villages will be made with the joined transportation that will be on our disposal all the time. It is not possible to only take Day 2 or Day 3.

    Not Included: own meals where indicated

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