Report from Maya Arnaudova – Pravets, Bulgaria

Sharing Cultural Diversity
15 September – 15 October 2015

We organized two meetings so that we could share our PTPI members’ project experiences, connected to workshops, youth exchanges and trainings aboard.

The aim was to introduce the following cultural exchanges:
1) US; Presentations from Radiyana and Vasilena who studied at schools in the USA during 2014 and 2015. They spoke about the American schools, and explained the involvement with our PTPI chapter, and how it exerted great influence on their motivation to study in USA, and to adapt easily to an unknown environment.
2) Malta; Video and presentations by the adult adviser, Nelka Genova, and the new adult adviser, Maria Christova. They participated in an ICT training course in Malta during August 2015.
3) Korea; Dimitrina and Gabriela introduced Korea
4) Romania; Was introduced by the delegation from Bucharest. Our international friends made three presentations and met with citizens in Botevgrad, Trudovets and Pravets.

The goal was:
– to develop understanding towards the traditions and customs of others
– to encourage new members to get involved in PTPI activities
– to promote PTPI chapters
– to raise awareness about the educational system in the USA, Romania, Korea and Malta
– to improve communication competencies and presentation skills of our presenters

Participants were all teachers and students from the High Language School in Pravets.

Members/participants – 40 Community and Student Chapter
Non-members – 345
Volunteer hours – 36

Direct beneficiaries: 40
People affected – 138
Target audience – 385
Indirect beneficiaries – 345

Publicity: Facebook group – PTPI Pravets Student Chapter
Report delivered by – Maya Arnaudova, Pravets, Bulgaria