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    Payment Options

    Please choose one of the two payment options listed below.

    I wish to pay by credit card online (Credit Card via PayPal)
    I wish to pay by bank transfer

    Bank:ING (Belgium)

    IBAN:BE24 3631 0760 1938



    Heart of Amsterdam for an Unforgettable PTPI Meetup!: 50.00 euro

    The amount must be settled by 27 May 2024

    The fee above is a pure admin fee:

    Here is a link to our Shop where payment can be made.

    Air travel:

    International air travel, bus, train or arrival by car is your personal responsibility


    Thursday, 27 June 2024


    Monday 1 July 2024. Some people may leave on Sunday 30 June. Others may stay longer or see other parts of the Netherlands.


    Every participant is also responsible for their hotel reservation and any attractions that they wish to visit.


    Every participant must have valid health and travel insurance.
    We will arrange a group lunch and a dinner at own costs for those that attend.

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