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    Payment Options

    Please choose one of the two payment options listed below.

    I wish to pay by credit card online (Credit Card via PayPal)
    I wish to pay by bank transfer

    Bank:ING (Belgium)

    IBAN:BE24 3631 0760 1938


    620 euro


    “Chilling out in Greece” package cost:620 euro

    The total amount must be settled one month prior to your arrival

    We would appreciate full payment no later than 10 May 2017

    The package includes the following:

    • First night stay in a recently renovated hotel in Pireaus, twin rooms, with breakfast
    • Guided visit to the Acropolis, the Parthenon, New museum of Acropolis and Monastiraki & Plaka region
    • Return boat tickets to Aegina
    • Transfers for Souvala boat port to hotel
    • Three nights’ hotel stay in Aegina, twin rooms, with breakfast
    • Energetic practices with Alexander
    • One yoga class
    • Return transfers, by taxi to Aegina central city
    • Day boat trip around Aegina island
    • Homemade Greek dinner without drinks, 15 June
    • Homemade Greek lunch without drinks, 16 June
    • BBQ dinner without drinks at the hotel, 17 June

    Not included:

    • Air travel to/from Athens
    • Two bus tickets, transfer from Athens airport to Pireaus and return journey
    • Two metro tickets, transfer from Piraeus to Acropolis and return journey.
    • Dinner on the 14th, we will make a group reservation at a, local restaurant
    • Lunch on the 15th. We will make recommendations. We will be in the Plaka region.
    • Dinner on the 16th. We will make recommendations. We will be in Aegina city
    • Lunch on the 17th. We will be on our boat trip. Do bring sandwiches or you can eat lunch in a local tavern.

    For lunch or dinner options, much depends on your taste and preferences. The local food is very good and you should budget around 15 euro per meal, per person.

    The air travel:

    International air travel is to be arranged according to your preferences and available options, from where you live.


    Wednesday, 14 June 2017 – late afternoon if possible


    Sunday, 18 June 2017, we will leave the hotel on Aegina in the morning. There are other crossings for people with a later flight. You may also wish to spend more time in Athens, or other parts of Greece.


    Every participant must have valid health and travel insurance.

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