Chapter report from 2015 Brussels, Belgium

Living in a country where most things are catered for, finding that key thing that demonstrates our commitment to our community, has taken some time. Our most successful role to date, has been to act as enablers for many other projects, communities and initiatives. By hosting regular coffee mornings, job clubs, networking drinks, parties, workshops and volunteering days – together with our partner network, we have managed to connect a large community of locals and internationals living, working and playing in Belgium.

Yes, it does take quite some coordination and once you have the program in place, and the leaders for each element, the whole thing runs with a central coordination role needed by a small team to keep things moving. When you empower your community to make things happen through the activities that are important to them, their energy can drive the activities. The PTPI team ensure that our values are aligned with the activities, that our tools are adequate to support our community and the results actually do add value to a growing community of people needing to understand and experience our value.

Chalks Corriette, President
PTPI Belgium